MIC TRAC 4000 Calibration Fixtures

Gagemaker offers an extensive line of calibration fixtures for the MIC TRAC that makes calibrating a range of gages fast and easy to perform.

Gagemaker calibration fixtures are designed for lead gages, bore gages, depth indicators, calipers, height gages, MRP gages and much more.

Thread Check has a team of technical experts that are ready to help you with all your gauging and measurement requirements. Contact us via email at info@threadcheck.com or call us at 800 767 7633

SKU Description CAL-PAK Fixture Supported Instruments Each
CRC-MT4000 Gagemaker - Calibration Reference Cards: Complete Procedural Documentation For The Calibration Of Handheld Inspection Equipment Including: O.D. & I.D. Micrometers, Calipers, Depth Micrometers, And More No-
TF-VN Gagemaker - "V" Blocks For Calibration Of Axial Travel Probes And Bore Gages NoAxial Travel Probes, Gagemaker & Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gages
TF-VB Gagemaker - "V" Block Calibration Fixture For Gagemaker's Internal Thread Height Gages And Mrp-2000 Series Upper Arms* YesMRP-2000 Series, Internal Thread Height Gages
TF-TI Gagemaker - Test Indicator Calibration Block* NoTest Indicators
TF-SV Gagemaker - "V" Support Accessory For Calibrating Micrometers And Standards** YesMircrometers, Standards, Taper Gage Indicators
TF-SS Gagemaker - Straight Support Accessory For Support Of Extended Probes* YesTest Indicators (>=0.0001 resolution), Depth Micrometers (6" & larger)
TF-SA Gagemaker - Support Arm For Larger Instruments YesLarge Calipers, Large Functional Size Gages, Large Micrometers
TF-LG-3 Gagemaker - Gagemaker Lead Gage (Lg-5003) Calibration Fixture* YesLG-5003
TF-LG-2 Gagemaker - Calibration Fixture For Both Gagemaker And Allen Lead Gages YesLG-5002, LG-6001, LG-6002, and Allen Lead Gages
TF-IND Gagemaker - AGD Dial Indicator, Calibration Fixture (Includes .375" And 8Mm Bushing) N/AIndicators
TF-DG Gagemaker - Calibration Fixture For Depth Micrometer* YesDepth Micrometer
TF-CG Gagemaker - Universal Clamping Fixture For Calibration Of Indicators And Gages* NoIT-6000, LG-5003, Internal Thread Height Gages, & Various Indicators
TF-CA Gagemaker - Caliper Calibration Accessory Dial, Digital And Vernier Calipers. Includes Tf-Sa Support Arm YesCalipers
TF-BI Gagemaker - Base Support Plate For Setting Dial Bore Gages** NoSunnen Dial Bore Gages
TF-BA Gagemaker - Base Support Block For Setting Dial Bore Gages** NoSunnen Dial Bore Gages
TF-1F Gagemaker - Flat Face Setting Block Set (2 Blocks) 1.5000" Outside Diameter YesVarious
CAL-PAK Gagemaker - Calibration Fixture Package Includes: Tf-1F, Tf-Ca, Tf-Dg, Tf-Ind, Tf-Lg-2, Tf-Lg-3, Tf-Sa, Tf-Ss, Tf-Sv, Tf-Vb, Tf-Vn, And Storage Case -Various
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