MIC TRAC 4000 Calibration Fixtures

SKU Description CAL-PAK Fixture Supported Instruments Each
CRC-MT4000 Gagemaker - Calibration Reference Cards: Complete Procedural Documentation For The Calibration Of Handheld Inspection Equipment Including: O.D. & I.D. Micrometers, Calipers, Depth Micrometers, And More No -
TF-VN Gagemaker - "V" Blocks For Calibration Of Axial Travel Probes And Bore Gages No Axial Travel Probes, Gagemaker & Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gages
TF-VB Gagemaker - "V" Block Calibration Fixture For Gagemaker's Internal Thread Height Gages And Mrp-2000 Series Upper Arms* Yes MRP-2000 Series, Internal Thread Height Gages
TF-TI Gagemaker - Test Indicator Calibration Block* No Test Indicators
TF-SV Gagemaker - "V" Support Accessory For Calibrating Micrometers And Standards** Yes Mircrometers, Standards, Taper Gage Indicators
TF-SS Gagemaker - Straight Support Accessory For Support Of Extended Probes* Yes Test Indicators (>=0.0001 resolution), Depth Micrometers (6" & larger)
TF-SA Gagemaker - Support Arm For Larger Instruments Yes Large Calipers, Large Functional Size Gages, Large Micrometers
TF-LG-3 Gagemaker - Gagemaker Lead Gage (Lg-5003) Calibration Fixture* Yes LG-5003
TF-LG-2 Gagemaker - Calibration Fixture For Both Gagemaker And Allen Lead Gages Yes LG-5002, LG-6001, LG-6002, and Allen Lead Gages
TF-IND Gagemaker - AGD Dial Indicator, Calibration Fixture (Includes .375" And 8Mm Bushing) N/A Indicators
TF-DG Gagemaker - Calibration Fixture For Depth Micrometer* Yes Depth Micrometer
TF-CG Gagemaker - Universal Clamping Fixture For Calibration Of Indicators And Gages* No IT-6000, LG-5003, Internal Thread Height Gages, & Various Indicators
TF-CA Gagemaker - Caliper Calibration Accessory Dial, Digital And Vernier Calipers. Includes Tf-Sa Support Arm Yes Calipers
TF-BI Gagemaker - Base Support Plate For Setting Dial Bore Gages** No Sunnen Dial Bore Gages
TF-BA Gagemaker - Base Support Block For Setting Dial Bore Gages** No Sunnen Dial Bore Gages
TF-1F Gagemaker - Flat Face Setting Block Set (2 Blocks) 1.5000" Outside Diameter Yes Various
CAL-PAK Gagemaker - Calibration Fixture Package Includes: Tf-1F, Tf-Ca, Tf-Dg, Tf-Ind, Tf-Lg-2, Tf-Lg-3, Tf-Sa, Tf-Ss, Tf-Sv, Tf-Vb, Tf-Vn, And Storage Case - Various
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