Metric Feeler Gage Sets

Metric feeler gauges are tools used to measure gap widths. These gages are primarily used by engineers and machinists to measure the clearance between two parts that are in close proximity. The tools themselves consist of a set of thin metal lengths of steel with different thicknesses. Individual metric measurements are marked on each piece. Metric feeler gages assist engineers and others to gauge parts relative to a given application. Part clearances are set according to product specification, application and performance during operation.

Metric Feeler Gauge Sets in a Range of Sizes

Thread Check Inc. offers a broad selection of metric feeler gauge sets to accommodate your applications requirements. Metric feeler gage sets contain 25 blades and can measure the thickness of objects between .04 and 1.00 millimeters. The length sizes of the gauges in these sets range from ˝” up to 24” depending on the individual scale of each set. As these sets are metric, all thicknesses are measured in millimeters and their individual sizes are noted on each blade to facilitate selection. Metric feeler gauge sets are composed of high carbon steel, and with proper care and storage, will provide accurate measurements and long wear resistance.

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PLEASE NOTE: Feeler Gauge products have a $50.00 minimum total order.