Cylindrical Gaging Products

Thread Check Inc. offers a complete line of cylindrical gaging products including plug gages, ring gages, master setting discs, snap gages, hex gages, cylindrical taper plug gauges and cylindrical tapered ring gages. Thread Check also offers a full range of reversible gages, taperlock gages, trilock gages, as well as progressive plug gauges and extra length plug gages in steel, chrome, carbide, and ceramic materials. Cylindrical plain ring gages are offered in various materials including tool steel, chrome steel, carbide, and ceramic. Gagemaker tolerances for cylindrical gaging products range from extremely tight class XXX to more economical class ZZ. All cylindrical gage blanks are per ANSI Standard B47.1.

Cylindrical gaging products may be designed and used as either limit gages or setting gages. Setting or master gages are typically used to set a measuring instrument to a known value or zero position. Fixed limit gages are made to match the maximum and minimum material condition of the part. The fixed limit gage is typically a three dimensional replica of the mating part. The fixed limit go/nogo gaging practice is commonly used with cylindrical plugs, rings, and snap gages.

Cylindrical Plain Plug Gages

Cylindrical plain plug gages may be used for gaging hole sizes to determine if the hole is within the upper and lower limits of the product tolerance. The hole size can be determined by using go and no go plug gauges. The go gage is used to verify the low limit. The no go gage is used to verify the upper limit. The correct use of go and no go gages eliminates the requirement of complex and expensive measuring instruments. Inspection using fixed limit go/no go cylindrical plug gauges requires only basic training. The inspector only has to verify whether the gage is entering or not entering the inside diameter of their part.

Cylindrical plug gages may also be used to set a measuring instrument to a known value.

Thread Check Inc. offers a complete range of economy pin gage sets in Class ZZ, Z, and X. Class X English and metric gage sets feature a .000040" tolerance limit and .000020" roundness limit. These pin gages are perfect for critical inspection needs or when it is necessary to maximize the go/no go tolerance limits. They're also a great way to calibrate measuring equipment, micrometers and calipers.

Progressive cylindrical plug gages are the best way for checking parts quickly. Both Go and No Go diameters are stepped on a single gage member so parts can be inspected in one easy operation. The go member is positioned at the front of the gage and then steps up to the no go member diameter. The gage should pass into the part until it reaches the high limit and stop. Members are securely attached to either a taperlock handle or trilock handle with mounting bolts. Progressive cylindrical gauges are available up to 8.0" in all class tolerances and materials. Progressive cylindrical gages range from .1050 to 4.5100. Progressive cylindrical gauges range from class xx to zz.

Cylindrical Plain Ring Gages

Cylindrical plain ring gages are used to check outside diameters of parts as well as for mastering measuring instruments. Plain ring gages are used to set electronic bore gages, air gages, internal micrometers and length measuring instruments. Plain ring gages are ideal for gaging the outside diameter of parts. The go ring gage is used to verify the high limit of the part and the no go plain ring gage is used to verify the low limit of the part.

Master setting discs are available in 3 standard styles. Master setting discs styles 1 and 3 each provide a single diameter. Master setting discs style 2 provides both a high and low limit diameter. All master setting discs are supplied with thermal insulating grips that minimize any tendency for thermal expansion due to handling. Master setting discs are relieved on the ends to prevent wear. Master Setting discs are used for setting measuring instruments such as calibration machines, comparators, snap gages, and indicators.

Master setting discs are available in steel, chrome, carbide and ceramic materials. They are available in gagemaker tolerances from class XX thru class Z. Master setting discs conform to ANSI B47.1. Master discs are ring lapped to size, and polished. Roundness and taper of all gages does not exceed 50% of the applicable gagemaker’s size tolerance and are non-accumulative. Master setting discs are available in sizes up to 23 inches in style #3.

AGD adjustable style snap gages provide a quick and easy attribute method of checking outside diameters, groove diameters, or width dimensions by having the go and no go elements set into the snap gage. Thread Check offers 4 assorted frame styles of snap gages with sizes ranging up to 8 5/8. Larger frame sizes are quoted upon request. The anvil gaging contacts on the snap gages are adjustable and can be set to various sizes within a range. The anvil gaging surfaces are made of hardened ground and lapped tool steel. Marking discs are supplied on all snap gages. Snap gages feature a fully stabilized cast iron frame.

Thread Check Inc. supplies a complete range of hex gages per ANSI B18.3 and ANSI/ASME B107.17M. Hex plug gages per ASME B107.17M are used to inspect wrench openings and spark plug wrench openings for inch and metric sizes. Hex plug gage size ranges covers 1/8 to 3.0" in inches and 2.0mm to 75mm in metric. The standard covers both hex and square gauges. Hex gages per ASME B18.3 covers dimensional data for various types of hexagon and spline socket cap screws, shoulder screws, set screws, and hexagon and spline keys recognized as the American Standard. Thread Check supplies ASME B18.3 hex gages in fractional sizes from .028" to 1.00" in inches and .70mm to 24.00mm in metric Hex plug gages are manufactured from oil hardened tool steel with a minimum HRC of 60 HRC. Thread Check Inc. can also build custom hex gages per customer specifications.

Many small components including tools and machine parts including arbors, end mills and cutting tools are designed with taper shanks which fit into spindles or sockets of the corresponding taper. Thread Check Inc. supplies a complete range of cylindrical tapered gages and cylindrical tapered ring gages for National Machine Tapers, Jarno Tapers, Brown and Sharpe Tapers, and Morse Tapers. All standard tapers are manufactured per ASME/ANSI B5.10 Class Z unless otherwise specified. Thread Check Inc. designs and builds custom tapered plug gauges, custom tapered ring gages, and taper pipe thread gages for a wide range of industries and applications. Other types of tapers include medical luer tapers, Cat V Flange Tapers and Steep Machine Tapers.

Thread Check’s expert sales engineers can assist you in selecting the best cylindrical gaging products for your applications.

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