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Gage Calibration Services

Fox Valley North Metrology / Thread Check Inc is comprised of five different calibration labs: a hard gage calibration lab, a dimensional inspection lab, an electronic calibration lab, a hand tool calibration & repair lab and a field service technicians group. Fox Valley North Metrology / Thread Check Inc can develop and implement a calibration program that is customized to your exact requirements. We also provide a FREE ONLINE CALIBRATION MANAGEMENT program which provides paperless management for all of your equipment. This service includes the ability to view and print the history of all your calibrations as well as an automatic recall system that reminds you when your gages are due for recalibration.

Go paperless and don't go back! Fox Valley North Metrology remains the innovator of "Paperless Certifications" with new features added monthly. Certifications are now downloadable in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and have added new search engines for enhanced customer ease.

Contact us for price and lead-time on your calibration requirements

hard gage calibration servicesHARD GAGE CALIBRATION SERVICES

The HARD GAGE calibration services lab calibrates many different types of gages: Thread plug gages, thread ring gages, special thread gages, blocks, thread measuring wires, plug gages, cylindrical rings, master discs, gage blocks, tapered thread rings, tapered cylindrical gages, etc. Thread Check Inc and Fox Valley North Metrology have the expertise to build and calibrate special and complex gages and fixtures.

hand tool calibration servicesHAND TOOL CALIBRATION & REPAIR SERVICES

The HAND TOOL calibration and REPAIR lab is responsible for calibrating and repairing many different hand tool types such as pitch micrometers, indicator calibrators, dial snap gages, etc.

electronic calibration servicesELECTRONIC CALIBRATION & REPAIR SERVICES

The ELECTRONIC CALIBRATION LAB calibrates many different types of electronic equipment including digital multimeters, thermal couples, function generators, etc.

calibration servicesDIMENSIONAL INSPECTION

The DIMENSIONAL INSPECTION LAB specializes in performing dimensional inspections using state of the art software and inspection equipment such as the Zeiss Eclipse and the COORD3 ARES CMM. We also have the capabilities to do full non-contact vision inspection.

field calibration serviceFIELD CALIBRATION SERVICE

Our FIELD SERVICE technicians group has the ability to travel to your place of business to perform calibrations on your hard gages, electronics or hand tools. This minimizes the risk and inconvenience of shipping large and expensive equipment as well as any downtime your company may experience by sending them out.

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Fox Valley North Metrology/ Thread Check Inc. use state of the art equipment to ensure the highest degree of measurement uncertainty. With this equipment, and our custom-designed software, FVNM is able to offer you the best possible turnaround time, and pricing in the industry. The hard gage calibration lab is held at 68°F with relative humidity not to exceed 45%. Both temperature and humidity are closely monitored by our Honeywell environmental control unit. We also have a suspended floor to help avoid unnecessary vibration and ensure a good measurement uncertainty of all of our equipment.

When your gages arrives at the hard gage lab, they have already been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for shipping damage. Gages sit in the lab for 24 hours in order to acclimate to our lab conditions. When the gages are calibrated, they are also closely inspected for nicks, burrs, and corrosion; then re-cleaned and stickered. When packaged for return, gages are either coated in dip-seal, or oiled and wrapped in bubble wrap, and boxed securely. Calibration pricing includes cleaning, and level 4 certification. Currently, our average turnaround is 3-4 days.

FVNM has the capability to handle hard gaging needs such as:

hard gage calibration servicesPratt & Whitney Laseruler

The Pratt & Whitney Laseruler is a linear machine with 8 inches of travel and a measurement uncertainty of 5 µin through 7 inches. With software, it can be set up to calculate the temperature coefficient and adjust for humidity, barometric pressure, etc. Capabilities include: Plug gages, Pin Gages, Gage Blocks (grade 3 and under), Depth Mic Masters and Thread Wires.

gage calibration toolsPratt & Whitney Supermicrometer

The Pratt & Whitney Supermicrometer has a 10 inch travel and a measurement uncertainty of 17 µin over 1 inch of travel. It is extremely accurate for thread gaging. With a RS232 output that is directly networked to our software, we are capable of entering data at the touch of a button. Some capabilities include thread plugs, thread setting plugs, thickness gages, and length standards.

plug gauge calibrationULM Opal 600 Universal Linear Measurement Machine

ULM Opal 600 Universal Linear Measurement Machine is used to measure cylindrical rings, non-standard thread rings, length standards and gage blocks up to 24". The Opal features computer assisted temperature correction.

thread rings calibrationHelios UMG50 Plug Gage Comparator

Helios UMG50 Plug Gage Comparator is used to calibrate cylindrical plug and pin gages, thread plugs and thread setting plugs up to 4" in diameter. The portable size of this comparator allows us to come in to your facility to perform on-site calibration.

Calibration ServicesTesa Dual Head Gage Block Comparator

Tesa Dual Head Gage Block Comparator is used to check gage blocks that are Grade 2 and higher. This comparator also gives us the ability to check the flatness of your gage blocks.

Calibration ServicesPrecision Devices, Inc. Profilometer

The Series 400 Amplifier
The Series 400 Amplifier is a sophisticated yet easy to use instrument with a modular surface texture program. All models feature a vacuum fluorescent display and sealed membrane keypad. An RS-232 communication port is standard (RS-485 optional), along with a remote start switch port and lockout key switch.

Battery power is included on all models with the graphic plotter, and is optional on all other models.

Operation is at once simple, sophisticated and secure. The instrument is configured by an easy-to-use set-up menu. The user selects the proper settings for the cutoff, stroke length, standard 2RC and Gaussian filters (Rk filter optional), parameter functions, serial port and plotter operation. Set the exact stroke length required or use the standard 5-cutoffs. After setting, the programming can be secured by a turn of the lockout key, which prevents inadvertent changes. Once configured, the system operates by pressing the Start Button or through use of an optional remote start switch.

The Skid-Reference Piloter
Skid-referenced systems are designed to measure normal I.D., O.D., and flat surfaces. The skid-referenced motor drive (piloter) contains a motor which moves the linkarm with the tracer across the surface to be sampled. The tracers have skidpads which establish a reference line. The transducer translates the vertical motion of the diamond tip stylus in relation to the reference line. The piloter traverses at a speed of 0.1 in/sec (2.54 mm/sec) for the travel length specified and can be set to acquire data in either direction. Our patented Lite-Touch Linkarm protects the tracer and surface from inadvertent damage and comes standard with each system, unless otherwise specified.

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Fox Valley North Metrology/ Thread Check Inc repair service has compiled an inventory list of over 500 common part numbers. We are also directly supplied by several large suppliers to ensure that if the parts needed are not in stock, we can get them for you in a timely manner.

When your gage comes into our lab, it is cleaned and inspected. If repair is required, and does not exceed half the cost of a new gage, you are contacted with a quotation for repair. Upon receipt of permission to repair, your gage is repaired and then inspected and calibrated. Current average turnaround is 4-6 days. Prices include level 4 certification.

In addition to great work and service, our very knowledgeable hand tool repair technicians also teach classes on hand tool repair and calibration.

FVNM has the capability to handle hard gaging needs such as:

  • Air Columns
  • Amplifiers
  • Bench Mics/Setting Fixtures
  • Bench Centers
  • Bore Gages
  • Calipers
  • Chamfer Check Gages
  • Depth Micrometers
  • Dial Depth Gages
  • Dimensionair
  • Height Riser
  • Height Set Masters
  • Holtest Gages
  • Indicator/Bore Calibrators
  • Indicators(Dial, Digital, Test, Co-Ax)
  • Inside Micrometers
  • Miracle Point
  • Outside Micrometers
  • Pitch Micrometers
  • Snap Gages

Calibration Services- Height Gages(Dial, Digital, Vernier) - Wall Thickness Gages

S-T Industries 23-0083 Series Universal Gage Lapping Machine

We are equipped with an S-T Industries 23-0083 Series universal gage lapping machine. With this machine, flatness and parallel can be repaired on your micrometers, calipers and snap gages for a cost much more reasonable than new.

Calibration ServicesGlastonbury Depth Mikmaster
The Glastonbury Depth Mikmaster is a master gage with a .5 inch-5.5 inch range used to calibrate different types of depth gages.

Calibration ServicesIndicator Calibrator

Mounts on Dial Indicator Calibrator to provide calibration of Brown & Sharpe BesTest and other test type indicators. Attachment is adjustable to accomodate different sizes and mounting types.

Optical FlatsCalibration Services

The Mitutoyo Optical Flats we use provide flatness and parallel readings on various measuring surfaces.

Calibration ServicesCalibration ServicesComplete Illustrated Parts Breakdown Software

The Starrett & Mitutoyo Complete Illustrated Parts Breakdown Software allows us to easily ascertain part numbers for all of the measuring tools we use or calibrate from these two companies. Contact 1800 767 7633 or email us for more information

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Fox Valley North Metrology / Thread Check Inc. is able to offer its customers complete repair and calibration services on nearly all makes and models of electronic test and measurement equipment. Most calibration services can be performed in our lab or at your facility. By allocating personnel to handle equipment repairs, Fox Valley North Metrology/Thread Check Inc. is able to maintain lower cost and quicker turnaround on repairs it completes. All repairs are quoted prior to completion, and will not exceed 50% of the cost of a replacement.

All technicians are supplied with laptop computers and portable printers for any on site requests. Also, technicians are equipped with DoDMIDAS and GIDEP CD-ROMS, which contain all military and some civilian calibration procedures. This enables the customer to receive accurate certifications and calibration labels at the time the job is completed. Most of Fox Valley Metrology's electronic calibration technicians have been trained in the military and boast years of calibration and repair experience.

Fox Valley North Metrology's electronic calibration capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Air Gages
  • Analog Volt, Ohm & Amp Meters
  • Ammeters
  • Bridges
  • Cable Tensiometers
  • Capacitance Meters
  • Conductance Meters
  • Conductivity Meters
  • Contracers
  • Clamp-On Meters
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Data Loggers
  • Decade Resistors
  • Deadweight Testers
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Digital Readouts
  • Durometers
  • Durometer Specimen
  • Film Thickness Gages
  • Flow Gages (Air)
  • Force Gages/Dynamometer
  • Frequency Counters
  • Function Generators
  • Gauge Amps & Probes
  • Glass Thermometers
  • Hardness Testers
  • Hygrometers
  • Hypot Testers
  • LCR Meters
  • Load Cells
  • Manometers
  • Meggers
  • Microscopes
  • Microscope Toolmakers
  • Optical Comparators
  • Oscilloscopes/Scopemeters
  • Ovens
  • Panel Meters
  • pH Meters
  • Power Supplies
  • Pressure Gages (Air & Liquid)
  • Profilometers
  • Resistors
  • Resistors (Precision)
  • Roundness Testers
  • Scales/Balances
  • Shadowgraph Comparators
  • Shunts
  • Signal Generators
  • Solder Guns/Pots Irons
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Spring Testers
  • Stop Watches
  • Strip/Chart/XY Recorders
  • Stroboscopes
  • Supermicrometers
  • Surface Plates
  • Tensile Testers
  • Tachometers
  • Thermal Couple/RTD
  • Thermometers & Temp Controllers
  • Torque Calibrators
  • Torque Sensors
  • Torque Testers/Analyzers
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Torque Watches
  • ULM Calibration
  • ULM Training
  • Vacuum Gages
  • Vibration Amp
  • Viscometers
  • Watt Meters
  • Weights
  • Z Meters
  • Zahn Cups

Calibration ServicesFluke 5520A Multi-Product Calibrators

The Fluke 5520A builds on the 5500A's capabilities, extending its workload coverage even further. Its improved accuracy, expanded ranges, and capability to calibrate 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 digit multimeters can cover virtually all your high-performance workload, including: Handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 6 1/2 digits Thermocouple and RTD thermometers,Process calibrators, Data loggers, Strip and chart recorders,Watt meters,Power harmonics analyzers, Current clamps, and clamp meters, Analog or digital handheld and bench oscilloscopes (with options),Panel meters

Graphical multimeters, Power meters, disturbance analyzers, power quality monitors, recorders and other power quality related equipment (with option)

Calibration ServicesHP 53132A Universal CounterThe Agilent 53132A universal counter has frequency resolution of 12 digits per second, 150 ps time interval resolution and a complete set of test and analysis features. The unit comes with two 225 MHz channels, and you can choose an optional third channel that measures up to 3 GHz, 5 GHz or 12.4 GHz.

Calibration ServicesOmega BB702 Infrared Temperature CalibratorThe BB702 Blackbody Calibrator is a high performance, rugged, portable calibrator for infrared pyrometers. The BB702 has a range from Ambient +10 to 215°C (Ambient +20 to 420°F) with an accuracy of ±0.5°C, ±0.25% rdg. The unit provides a heated target plate of known temperature and emissivity. Virtually any infrared pyrometer with a spot size diameter of 63.5 mm (2.5") or smaller can be calibrated. Both models come with an RS-232 computer interface which allows computer control of the setpoints for automatic test applications. An NIST traceable calibration certificate is also provided.

Calibration ServicesMetCal 6.1 Automated Calibration SoftwareThe MET/CAL Plus 6.1 suite of applications automates the operation and management of your calibration facilities, providing you with all the tools you need to:

  • Perform automated calibrations, including computer-aided, closed-case and closed-loop calibrations on all kinds of test and measurement tools and equipment including RF and microwave instruments.
  • Create, edit, test and document calibration procedures, with thousands of procedures to get you started, and hundreds more available from Fluke and Fluke software partners.
  • Calculate and report measurement uncertainty consistent with international standards.
  • Access information over the Internet.
  • Track asset information including calibration and maintenance history and status, traceability, users, customers and location.
  • Analyze and report asset information; produce certificates and reports.
  • Make data available to other corporate systems.
  • Meet the requirements of quality standards like ISO 9000, ANSI Z540, ISO/IEC 17025, FDA GMPs, NRC 10 CFR and others.

Calibration ServicesGPS System with Local Rubidium Oscillator

The HP 58503A GPS Time and Frequency Reference Receiver maintains frequency accuracy of better than .000000000001, even in the presence of Selective Availability. This performance, combined the unit's low cost, makes it an attractive lab alternative compared with more expensive cesium and rubidium solutions.

Calibration ServicesDry Well Temperature Calibrator

The Ametek Dry Well Temperature Calibrator is abient to 600° C/1100° F. The Calibrator is also monitored with a platinum RTD Probe.

Calibration ServicesBrooks 1051-5 Flow Calibrator

The Brooks Automatic Gas Calibrator is capable of measuring a selected volume of gas up to a maximum capacity of 24,000 cubic centimeters per minute. Gas flow is collected in a precision-bore glass cylinder under a mercury sealed piston.

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Fox Valley North Metrology/Thread Check Inc. offers full dimensional inspection capabilities using all DCC machines with PH10 heads and the latest software and technology. We also have a DCC Video machine which allows us to inspect by non-contact, which increases our field of inspection.

Some areas we specialize in:

  • First Article inspection
  • Capability studies
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Scanning/Digitizing in 2D and 3D
  • Calypso Software
  • Cad work (complete)
  • Creating a tool path off file scans
  • AAT Software
  • Same day quotation

Calibration ServicesCoord3 Ares CMM

The Coord3 Ares is made of space age material and has a measuring envelope of 40" X 27.5" X 19.5". Coord3 offers two kinds of software outputs: the Winmeil software for conventional inspection and the AAT Capps and Edges software, which is designed for engineering needs. It is capable of scanning and digitizing as well as being programmed from your CAD files. It also allows you to compare part features to actual CAD files, and gives you the ability to create IGES files for easy transfer of data to your CAD system.

Calibration ServicesZeiss Eclipse

The Zeiss Eclipse has a measuring envelope of 28X40X22 and ST Probe head. The Piezo electric sensor allows for accuracy unparalleled in the industry. The Eclipse's software allows for 2D and 3D scanning as well as collection of statistical data, with full SPC feedback.

Calibration ServicesMicro-Vu Video CMM

The Micro-Vu Video CMM is capable of inspecting parts where a touch probe may not be practical. It features complete CMM capability and offers DXF file out to interface with your CAD system.

Calibration ServicesOKM ACCURE Vision System

ACCURE is a modular series of coordinate measuring instruments satisfying the highest demands on precision and accuracy while also affording flexible automation.

With ACCURE, OKM continues the notable tradition of optical coordinate measuring equipment made in Jena. Featuring Carl Zeiss technology, high quality and innovative design, our products are bound to be successes - for the manufacturer as well as for the user.

Calibration ServicesOKM UNI-VIS Vision System

UNI-VIS is a family of measuring machines of modular design. The concept allows optimum, cost-effective solutions for every requirement - machine configurations can be tailored to specific applications with regard to measurement volume, accuracy, accessories and measurement methods. By retrofitting, the machine easily adapts to new measuring jobs.

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Fox Valley North Metrology/ Thread Check Inc. field service technicians group has the ability to travel to your place of business to perform calibrations on your hard gages, electronics or hand tools. This minimizes the risk and inconvenience of shipping large and expensive equipment as well as any downtime your company may experience by sending them out.

Our technicians travel with a laptop computer and printer so that we can issue certifications at the time of calibration. Laptops are equipped with military and internal procedures so that you can be assured that the correct procedures are being followed. Pricing includes level 4 certification. All calibration reports are later uploaded to our on-line calibration program for your review and printing.

Calibration Services



  • Torque Calibration
  • Pressure Gages
  • Surface Plates (calibration and lapping)
  • Full electronic calibration
  • Scales
  • Hardness Testers
  • Optical Comparators/Video Machines
  • CMMs
  • Installation of DRO units
  • Environmental Chambers

Hand Tools

  • Bore Gages
  • Calipers (all types)
  • Depth Micrometers
  • Height Gages
  • Indicators
  • Inside Micrometers
  • Outside Micrometers
  • Pitch Micrometers
  • Snap Gages

Hard Gaging

  • Cylindrical Plugs 0-4"
  • Cylindrical Pins
  • Masterdiscs 0-4"
  • Thread Plug Gages 0-4"
  • Thread Setting Plug Gages 0-4"
  • Feeler Gages

CDI MULTITEST Torque, Force and Angle Tester

Calibration System Features:

Automatic sensor recognition with "Smart" transducers
Range: 15 in. oz. to 2000 ft. lb. torque (bi-directional
Total Uncertainty (10% to 100% of range): +/- 0.25% of indicated value (torque)
Two alphanumeric displays
Memory to 3,000 values
Built in low profile serial printer
Date and time stamp for stored values
Statistical analysis performed on stored data
Programmable manual or automatic options for clear, store and print functions
Recall and review of stored torque values
Track, Peak, First Peak, Power Tool and Angle Modes
RS-232C port Standard
Analog output standard
Full digital circuitry
Eight Torque measurement units: in. oz., in. lb., ft. lb., Nm, dNm, cNm, mkg and cmkg.
Six Force units: Ounce, Pound, Newton, DecaNewton, Kilopound (kilogram) and Gram
Automatic lock-up for transducer protection
Automatic zero
Operates on 120 or 220VAC

Calibration Services

SURETEST Model 5000-ST Features:
Large LCD Graphical Display
Four Built in Languages
Date and Time Stamp
Analog Output
Dual RS-232 Ports
SPC Built-in
Automatic Downloading
Accuracy is +/- 0.25% of indicated value
10 Transducers are available from 15 in-oz. to 2000 ft-lb. of Torque
All transducers are "Smart" (Plug and Play)
Readout in Eight different Engineering units
Stores and recalls 3000 torque values (Date & Time)
Fully automatic voltage input adaptation
Data is saved when SURETEST is turned off
Year 2000 Compliant

Calibration ServicesAcu-Rite Glass Scale

Glass scale technology is the industry standard and is perferred worldwide for postion feedback. For nearly four decades, ACU-RITE's precision glass scale technology has proven its superior reliability through consistant accuracy and durability.

Glass is an inherently stable material that resists changes in size, shape or density due to variations in temperature or humidity. This stability allows for the generation of numerous ultra-fine line patterns; providing ACU-RITE precision glass scales with exceptional accuracy down to ±1.5 µm (.00006").

ACU-RITE scales are available in travel lengths from 1"-773" and in resolutions from 0.5 µm (.00002") to 10 µm (.0005").

Calibration ServicesTaylor Hobson Talyvel Electronic Level

Talyvel offers:
Quick, accurate and simple setting to gravity, or measurement of level.
Unrivalled accuracy of 0.2arc second over the centre measuring region.
RS232 and analogue output from the display unit.

Calibration ServicesDruck DPI 610 Pressure Calibrator

Ranges -14.7 through 10,000 psi
Accuracy 0.025% FS all ranges
Integral combined pressure/vacuum pump
Dual readout: input and output
4 to 20 mA loop test: auto step and ramp
Data storage with RS 232 interface

Calibration Prices - New Gages

Prices are per member

Thread Work Plug Gages New Gages ISO 17025 Price New Gages Standard Calibration Price
#0 to 1 1/2" Taperlock $23.00 $13.00
3/4" to 13" Trilock $28.00 $13.00
Thread Ring Gages
Standard Size 0 to 1/2" $28.00 $13.00
Non - Standard Sizes #0 to 5 inch Diameter $35.00 $13.00
Non - Standard Sizes over 5 inch Diameter $50.00 $13.00
Thread Set Plug Gages
#0 - 1 1/2" Taperlock $24.00 $13.00
3/4" to 13" Trilock $30.00 $13.00
Tapered Pipe Thread Gages -NPT, NPTF, ANPT, NGT
1/16" to 3" Plug $40.00 $30.00
1/16" to 3" Ring $40.00 $30.00
3 1/2" to 6" Plug $40.00 $30.00
3 1/2" to 6" Ring $40.00 $30.00
Other Tapered Threads Call
Straight Pipe Thread Gages - NPSM and NPSF
1/16" to 3" Plug $40.00 $30.00
1/16" to 3" Ring $40.00 $30.00
3 1/2" to 6" Plug $40.00 $30.00
3 1/2" to 6" Ring $40.00 $30.00
Cylindrical Rings, Master Discs & Plug Gages
.040" to 5.510" $22.00 $15.00
5.510" to 11.000" $36.00 $20.00
11.0001" to 15.000" $54.00 $30.00
15.0001 and up Call
Cylindrical Taper Gages
Standard Tapers, Tapers with Specs $45.00
Snap Gages
Surveillance Masters New Gages ISO 17025 Price New Gages Standard Calibration Price
01 - 1 English or Metric $95.00 $65.00
16 - 1 English or Metric $95.00 $65.00
16 - 1/2 English or Metric $190.00 $130.00
112 English or Metric $235.00 $175.00
VC - 1 English or Metric $95.00 $65.00
DM - 1 English or Metric $95.00 $65.00
ADM - English or Metric $210.00 $150.00
Thread and Gear Measuring Wires
$18.00 $15.00

17025 accredited certs require approximately 1-2 weeks of additional lead-time.

Special thread ring gages require the purchase or supply of master setplugs to perform 17025 accredited calibration.

Visit or call for information on our In - Service (customer property) 17025 Accredited calibration services.

All gages are supplied with a Certificate of Compliance traceable to N.I.S.T. free of charge.

No specific size or dimensional data is supplied with this type of cert. Prices subject to change without notice.

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