Class Z and X Pin Gages Sets and Libraries

Thread Check Inc. is your complete source for Meyer Gage Class Z and Class X Pin Gage Sets and Libraries. With a wide assortment of pin gage sets and libraries manufactured by Meyer Gage, you will have everything you need conveniently stored in cases for measuring precise tolerances in both English and metric sizes. All Meyer Gage Class Z Pin Gage Sets and Libraries are manufactured in the USA under an ISO 9001 quality management system. All Meyer Gage pin gages are traceable to NIST standards, and marked with sizes and serial numbers on both the boxes and the gages over .060". Class Z pin gages are utilized for when you need to measure holes, locations or set instruments quickly and precisely. Class Z pin gages have tolerances of .0001" in inches and .0025mm in millimeters. Class X Pin Gage Sets are ideal for critical inspection needs and for maximizing Go/NoGo product tolerance limits. They have an inch tolerance of .00004" and a metric tolerance of .001mm. Browse our online catalog to find the Meyer Gages and pin gage sets you need, and to learn more about the features and benefits of each set.

Available Class Z and X Pin Gages - Sets and Libraries

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