Thread Measuring Wires

Thread measuring wires are the most universally recognized method of measuring pitch diameter on threaded gages, threaded parts and taps. The pitch diameter is the most important element of a thread that can be measured because it reflects the widest spectrum of possible defects in a threaded part or gage. The pitch diameter is the theoretical diametrical plane which passes through a thread at the point where the width of the thread tooth and groove are equal. The correct pitch diameter size assures that threaded product is within the required specifications for producing interchangeability, assembly and strength. Measuring the pitch diameter of thread gages is critical to controlling and qualifying threaded product.

Thread Check Inc. offers a full range of thread measuring wires in inches, metric, Acme and special sizes traceable to NIST which meet or exceed ANSI/ASME B1.2 and ASME B89.1.17-2001.

All wire sets are supplied within .000020" of the best wire size. All thread measuring wires are calibrated within .000005" of the size provided on the label. Commonality of the 3 wires is within .0000050". Roundness is within .000010". Thread measuring wires are supplied with a minimum hardness of Rc. 62.5. Thread Check Inc. can supply wires and technical support for many modified and special threads including trapezoidal threads and buttress threads.