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Thread Check Inc. is a leading distributor of Eastern Industries feeler gauges which are manufactured in the USA and are competitively priced. We supply a diverse group of customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electronics, medical and mechanical contracting. Our inventory of high quality, precision products are made of the finest, high-grade materials and include High Carbon Steel Feeler GagesFeeler Gauge CoilsHeavy Thickness GaugesMetric Taper GagesFeeler Gauge SetsCustom Made Gages.

Feeler gage tolerance chart

Thread Check's knowledgeable customer service department and product engineers will help you find the right feeler gauge for your application and aid you in completing your tasks more efficiently and productively.

Feeler gages are sometimes referred to as thickness gages and are available in a wide range of thicknesses from .0005" up to .125". Feeler gauges are available in lengths from 6 inches to coil lengths. Feeler gage materials include carbon steel and stainless steel. Gages are available in three unique grades. UHT series gauges are the answer for the most demanding applications.  Designed and manufactured with state of the art equipment and processes, UHT series products are put through the highest quality assurance testing procedures using state of the art metrology equipment.  Every set in this series has a remarkable thickness tolerance and is inspected 100%. XF Series gage products have tighter thickness tolerances than the industry standard and superior workmanship compared to typical imported sets. Size markings are larger, clearer, and easier to read than any other gage sets on the market. Feeler gage sets in the XF SERIES are supplied in a fan stylecase made from heavy gauge stainless steel for easier use and maximum blade protection while resisting the elements. XF SERIES gage sets packaged in a reusable, tough polypropylene case for long lasting protection. All thicknesses are clearly marked on the packaging. The GC Series (General Commercial Product) class are manufactured to get the job done accurately and efficiently, all products in this series are manufactured to industry standards and economically priced.

All Eastern Industry gauges are proudly made in the United States of America.

The most popular feeler gage is the one used by mechanics to establish the spark gap on a spark plug.

An old machinist practice is to fold together several leafs on a feeler gage to obtain the desired thickness. For the best accuracy this should be avoided. A condition called "tolerance stack up" can occur when multiple gages are added together to achieve a thicker measuring tool. This method causes the total thickness of all feeler gages to be very different than the sum of their individual thicknesses. A tolerance stack up, also known as compounding tolerances or accumulated tolerances, is a situation that should be avoided in an assembly area and never allowed in a quality control area. If a thickness gage of .100" is needed and ten .010" gages are all stacked up on top of each other, we have 10 x .010" = .100". But, don’t be surprised when you actually measure the thickness of this stack and you find it is .106" thick. Even worse, when measured a second time, you find the stack is now .105" thick. A part of the reason is this: A standard .010" feeler gage has a thickness tolerance of ±.00035". If one of the .010" feeler gauges is measured with a quality micrometer it could actually measure .01035 and still be considered good. And if all of the .010" gages we have are from the same manufactured lot, it is likely that all of the .010 feeler gages will measure around the same thickness due to the way gage stock is rolled. So now 10 x .01035" = .1035", this extra .0035" is the tolerance stack up. Our total thickness of the measured stack was .106" then .105" and due to the tolerance stack up we can account for .0035", what about the extra .0025"? This is another accumulation of extremely small amounts of oil, dust, and air trapped between each blade. When the stack is measured a second time, some of the air has been squeezed out from the first measurement making the total stack measurement smaller. This situation is neither accurate nor precise. There is no substitute for using the right tool for the job and in this case and most cases, it also costs less to use the correct tool. A quality .100" thick gage will typically cost less than ten - .010" gauges. Eastern Industries produces precision gages as thick as .125" and they are available in every .001" of an inch.

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