Unified Miniature Screw Thread Gages

Thread Check Inc. supplies a full range of Unified Miniature Screw Thread Plug and ring Gages per the American Standard B1.10M 2004 and the equivalent ISO Recommendation. This thread designation is also referred to as the UNM Series. Threads in this series are interchangeable with the American, British, Canadian and ISO standardization programs. Unified Miniature Screw threads are intended for use in watches, instruments, and miniature mechanisms. The series covers a diameter range from .30mm to 1.40mm ( .0118" - .0551" ) and supplements the Unified and American thread series. Thread Check can also supply UNM forming taps. Thread Check’s expert sales engineers can assist you with selecting the correct gages and cutting tools for your UNM thread applications.

Available Unified Miniature Screw Thread Gages

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