Surveillance Masters

Thread Check Inc. offers a full range of surveillance masters to calibrate and set instrumentation such as micrometers, indicators, depth micrometers, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), circular geometry systems and optical measuring machines. Surveillance masters are superior to gage block calibration. These instruments do not require stacking blocks making it much faster to inspect the linear range of the measuring instrument.

The master is superior to gage block calibration because they do not require block stacks. This way it is much faster to inspect the linear range of the tool. In addition, a surveillance master will indicate wear on the micrometer anvil because it replicates how the micrometer is used.

Fast and Accurate Instrument Calibration

Surveillance masters are ideal when measuring equipment that requires routine calibration to provide optimal accuracy. This can also be accomplished using gage blocks, however this practice can damage the gage block surface. Use of gage blocks for calibration will also cause premature wear to the instrument’s wringing ability and requires significant operator skills to become proficient. Gage blocks can also produce micrometer calibration errors due to its flat surface versus a surveillance master’s diameter.

When your application requires efficiency and accuracy, contact Thread Check for our selection of quality surveillance masters. Our team will gladly assist you to determine which product is best for your needs and your budget. Please contact our knowledgeable service representatives at (800) 767-7633, or complete and submit our form for a prompt response.