Mitutoyo Gage Blocks

Thread Check Inc. provides a wide selection of Mitutoyo gauge blocks in ceramic (CERA) or steel options. Our inventory is also available in square or rectangular sizes, as well as metric or inch options. These gage blocks are the primary standard fundamental to dimensional quality control in manufacturing parts and assemblies. In addition, all Mitutoyo gage block sets feature their unique serial number and traceability to the Metrology Management Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Theadcheck offers a selection of their Series 516 ceramic or steel gages in either square or rectangular Mitutoyo gage block sets. The sets feature either 8 or 81 pieces. Mitutoyo gauge blocks are also sold as individual blocks in either square or rectangular formats.

Easy To Use Gauge Blocks

Another feature of Mitutoyo blocks is their ease of use. Proper identification is simplified by use of laser inscribed characters which enable users to easily read the sizes of individual gage blocks. CERA and steel Mitutoyo gauge blocks can also be used together or interchangeably. Additional features of CERA Mitutoyo gage blocks are the blocks’ corrosion and abrasion resistance, which ensures that the blocks will maintain the same dimensions over time. The lapping technique is a specialty of Mitutoyo’s gage blocks. This lapping technique creates the optimal flatness and surface roughness needed to wring gage blocks together with ease. CERA stance of steel gage blocks. They will not scratch and are highly resistant to burrs. They are free from dimensional change over time. They are anti-magnetic thus keeping away steel powders.

Custom Mitutoyo gage block sets are priced on request. Contact Thread Check’s knowledgeable sales engineering staff for any questions or assistance.