Spline Gauges

Thread Check Inc. offers a complete range of functional Go and No-Go composite and variable indicating Spline Gauges to support your inspection needs. All Thread Check Inc. Spline Gages are designed, manufactured, and supplied with inspection certificates and gage drawings to meet your specific application requirements.

Spline gauge sizes can be supplied from 5mm up to 500mm for many applications.

Thread Check Inc. offers solutions for gear and spline measurement including variable & go/no-go spline gages, master gears and artifacts, spline arbors, hydraulic chucks and arbors, roundness machines, manual and fully automatic double flank and single flank gear measurement systems, and dimension over pin gages. We can design and build custom metrology systems for measurement challenges in the microns.

Please send us your part drawings and project requirements and we will develop a quotation to meet your needs.