Class ZZ Pin Gage Sets

Quick and accurate measurements can be made with Vermont Brand class ZZ pin gage sets. Class ZZ pin gauge sets can be used for a range of gaging and measurement applications. Class ZZ gages can measure bore hole sizes to determine if a hole is within its minimum and maximum size specification. Class ZZ pin gauges can be used to calculate distances between holes and location of holes to other datum points. Class ZZ pin gauges are ideal for gauging slot widths. Class ZZ gauges can also be used as masters when accurately measured to a precise size. Class ZZ pin gages can be used to set micrometers and snap gages.

Class ZZ economical pin gauge sets provide added wear life unlike closer tolerance gages. Class ZZ gauge sets are available and range from .006" to 1.0005" / .20mm - 25.49mm. Class ZZ gauge sets are available in both inch and metric sizes. Class ZZ pin gage sets are supplied in .0005" or .02mm sizes and in increments of .001" or .02mm. They are available in either a plus or minus tolerance direction. All class ZZ pin gauges are 2.0" in length and are ground to a 10 micro inch finish or better. Gauges are ground within .0001" round. All class ZZ gauges over.060" are laser marked with size and direction of tolerance. A certificate of accuracy traceable to NIST is included with all class ZZ pin gage sets.

Plus class ZZ pins are typically used as go members and minus class ZZ pins are used as no go members. The class ZZ pin gauge sets are supplied in both tool steel and Black Guard which is tool steel coated with a special black oxide treatment. The Black Guard coating prevents corrosion and shows gage wear as a visible wear indicator. The black guard black oxide treatment penetrates the tool steel between .000040" and .000060" deep. An inspector can visually see how the gage wears and may be proactive in calibrating and replacing the gages in question. Class ZZ replacement pins may be purchased to update and establish compliance for old sets.

Our expert sales engineers can assist you with selecting the right class ZZ pin gage sets for your applications. Contact us by email or phone for assistance.

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