API Tubing and Casing Gages

Thread Check Inc. is proud to be an authorized distributor for Gagemaker. Gagemaker has been an industry recognized name when it comes to gages required by API for inspecting threaded tubular goods for close to 30 years. Gagemaker’s gages cover thread element inspection and diameter measurement which are both critical. Their wide range of products suit most API inspection needs and meet API Specification 5B and 5B1 requirements.

The pitch diameter and functional diameter of tapered threaded connections are accurately inspected by Gagemaker’s MRP. Each MRP gage is adjustable within a specified size range which provides flexibility and allows measurement of a wider range of diameters.

Gagemaker’s thread element inspection gages include: profile gages, lead gages, taper gages, and thread height gages just to name a few. These gages provide reliable and accurate results when inspecting tubular connectors.

Gagemaker also specializes in inspection gages for premium thread designs. Gagemakers premium connection gages have been adopted as the industry standard by proprietary builders of thread connections.