MRP-AIR 2000 Series Crest Diameter and Ovality Gages - 2-3/8" - 20" Casing & Tubing

A Stronger, Lighter, and More Accurate MRP® Crest Diameter Gage… the MRP® AIR

Thirty years ago, Gagemaker introduced the MRP® crest diameter and ovality gage which forever changed the industry. Gagemaker is now redefining the industry again. The new MRP® AIR Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage is lighter, stronger, and MORE ACCURATE than ever. The new Air also features a new lock and clamp assembly which eliminates damaging rails.

Thread Check Inc offers the new Gagemaker MRP® AIR series of gages which Immediately detects the slightest variations in crest diameter or ovality. These precision MRP® offer total process control over the quality of your work. k. Whether you call it Crest Diameter, Pitch Diameter, or Ball PD, this thread element governs the strength of the actual thread assembly and ENSURES API dimensional measurement specs are met. Eliminating the need for a room full of ring and plug gages, the MRP AIR Crest Diameter Gage is the ULTIMATE TOOL to inspect a range of diameters and a wide variety of pipe types.

Features & Benefits

  • Measure Both External and Internal Parts with One Gage
  • Size range of 2-3/8" – 20"
  • Avoid Damaging Rails with New Block and Clamping Assembly
  • Increased Durability with a Stronger and Sturdier Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Reduced Weight Significantly
  • Minimized Deflection for Increased Accuracy
  • Save Time with Easier Gage Setup
SKU Description External Range Internal Range Reach Each
MRP-AIR-2003 Gagemaker - Internal-External Crest Diameter Carbon FiberGage - 4-1/4" reach 2 3/8" - 20"3 1/2" - 20"4 1/4"
MRP-AIR-2002 Gagemaker - Internal Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage - 4-1/4" reach -2 3/8" - 20"4 1/4"
MRP-AIR-2001 Gagemaker - External Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage - 4.4" reach 2 3/8" - 20"-4.4"
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