Straight Thread Inspection

Unified Inch, Metric, Acme, Buttress and Trapezoidal Threads

Thread Check Inc. offers the Gagemaker JSS™ Thread Inspection System for Acme, Unified, Metric, Buttress, and Trapezoidal threads. Save time and money and cover a wide range of diameters and thread types with the most versatile thread measuring system available. The Gagemaker Thread Inspection System provides certain advantages over thread plug and ring gages.

  • Precise variable inspection data
  • Greater range of size
  • Easier to handle and use compared to larger diameter go and no/go gages
  • Verify exact mating and interchangeability of threads
  • No expensive thread setting masters required
  • Readily available compared to thread plug and ring gages.

A complete thread inspection system should measure all the critical thread elements including functional thread size, pitch diameter, thread lead, thread height, and thread form.

Insert Identifiers

The first step in the quality process is to ensure the threading insert being used is correct for the job. Use the JSS™ Thread Insert Identifier Template to quickly verify that the correct threading insert has been selected as well as check the full topping profile of both internal and external inserts.

Inspection Setup

The Thread Disk™ engineering software (TDWin™) calculates master sizes to set the Gagemaker equipment as well as critical dimensions for threads based on ANSI tables and formulas. Thread types supported by the program include: UN, UNJ and UNR Series, Acme, Stub Acme, Stub Acme Modified I and II, Metric M & MJ, 7° X 45° Buttress, and General Purpose Pipe Threads.

Functional Size Inspection

Thread Check Inc. offers a full range of Gagemaker PG and RG thread functional size inspection instruments. 

Functional thread gauging inspects the cumulative effects of the thread elements including diameter, lead, taper, flank angle and form error. Gagemaker functional inspection gages provide the same functionality of thread ring and plugs with the added benefits of accurately measuring thread size within a wide range of diameter and thread pitch sizes.

Thread Pitch Diameter Inspection

Thread Check Inc. offers a full range of Gagemaker pitch diameter gages for Straight Threads from 0" to 72" diameters to verify that part pitch diameter is within specification. The Gagemaker PD gages measure the pitch diameters of both straight internal and external product thread.

Pitch diameter is the most important characteristic on a thread because it reflects the widest spectrum of possible defects. 

Thread Lead Inspection

Thread Lead is probably one of the most important thread elements if not the most important in the thread cutting industry. The Gagemaker lead gage inspects thread lead using contact points that seat in the threads of a part. Thread lead is the distance between threads, measured on a plane parallel to the centerline of the threaded part.

Thread Height Inspection

Measuring thread height helps monitor and control the depth of cut during manufacturing, detects broken inserts, and can be used to calculate the minor or major diameter, when only one is known. Accurate thread height contributes to the interchangeability and integrity of the threaded assembly.

For inspecting straight thread heights, Gagemaker recommends the TH-3001V (external) and TH-3010 (internal).

Thread Form Inspection

Thread Check Inc. offers a wide range of standard and special Gagemaker Thread Profile Template Gages. Inspecting the thread form is a critical part of thread inspection. Gagemaker precision thread profile gage templates will quickly and easily check the thread form for alignment errors. Profile gauges can check for stretched threads, wide first threads or rolled over threads. If a threading insert is aligned with the part incorrectly, the profile template will quickly identify this problem. Sweeping the profile template along the helix of the threads helps find burrs or debris.

Thread profile gages are a simple and economical way of inspecting for defects in threads.

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