Mitutoyo Series 516 Gage Blocks

Precision gage blocks are the primary standards vital to dimensional quality control in the manufacture of parts. Mitutoyo offers gage blocks in a choice of rectangular or square, metric or inch and steel or CERA (ceramic) types.

Gage blocks offered by an all-round precision measuring machine manufacturer, Mitutoyo, guarantee such a high accuracy that users can use them without anxiety. Needless to say, Mitutoyo has established a traceability system for our measurement products, up to the Metrology Management Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and we have been certified by the Japanese government as an accredited laboratory.

The lapping technique is one of Mitutoyo's specialties. Our advanced lapping technique, developed for more than a half century, enables us to achieve the best flatness and surface roughness needed for gage blocks and realize a great wringing force.

Abrasion Resistance and Dimensional Stability:
High-carbon high-chrome steel is employed to sufficiently satisfy a variety of material charateristics required for gage blocks. A high degree of hardness, obtained by our heat treatment technology and that reassures users, as well as methodically repeated heat treatment , have successfully reduced deterioration change over time to the minimum.

CERA Blocks:
CERA Blocks, made of ceramic materials with superior surface quality, that were developed by Mitutoyo's ultra precision machining techniques solve all problems that the steel gage blocks had.

Gage Blocks

Anti-corrosion treatment is not required when handled normally (i.e. with fingers), resulting in simple maintenance and storage.

2. No Burrs Caused by Dents, etc.
Since the CERA Block is very hard, it will not scratch and is highly resistant to burrs. If a burr is formed, it can easily be removed with a ceramic deburring stone (Ceraston).

Gage Blocks

3. Abrasion Resistant
CERA Blocks have 10 times the abrasion resistance of steel gage blocks.

4. Dimensional Stability
CERA Blocks are free from dimensional change over time.

5. Marking
The black characters, indicating the nominal length, are inscribed by laser and are clearly visible against the white surface of the block.

6. Anti-magnetic Nature Keeps Away Steel Powders

7. High wringing force
An even, dense tissue can maintain a strong wringing force.

8. Material of CERA block

Gage Blocks

9. Closest Expansion Coefficient to Steel
The thermal expansion coefficient of a CERA Block is quite similar to that of steel gage blocks.

Gage Blocks

10. Highly Resistant Against Drops and Other Shocks
The CERA block material is one of the toughest ceramics materials. It is extremely difficult to crack under normal use.

Features of Square Gage Blocks

Gage Blocks

1. Perfect wringing is possible using the center hole.
After wringing the square gage blocks, an optional tie rod can be inserted through the center hole to fix the blocks using a screw.

Gage Blocks

2. A height reference standard can easily be made.
A precision height reference standard can be made easily and inexpensively using accessories such as the plain jaw and block base.

Gage Blocks

Square Gage Block

3. A dedicated inspection jig can be easily be made.
A dedicated inspection jig for periodic inspection of instruments can be made easily and inexpensively.

4. A wide measuring surface with cross section dimensions of [24.1 x 24.1mm / .95 x .95"] is available.
 Square gage blocks can retain stable orientation both longitudinally and laterally. A wide range of application measurements can be made, including cutting tool positioning, angle measurement with a sine bar, taper measurement with a roller, and inspection of depth micrometers.

Long and Ultra-Thin Gage Blocks
Mitutoyo offers extra thin gage blocks from 0.10 mm to 0.99 mm (increments of 0.01mm) as well as long gage blocks up to 1,000 mm as standard products.

Square Gage Block

For the 1mm-based gage block set (112 pcs.)
+ 25

For the 2mm-based gage block set (112 pcs.)
+ 25

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