Spline Ring Gages / Plug Gauges

Thread Check Inc. offers Go and No Go spline gauges that conform to ISO, DIN, AGMA, and JIS standards. Spline gauges can be manufactured from 5mm up to 500mm. Spline gauge profiles include involute, serration, and parallel (straight or helical).

Thread Check Inc. provides tapered tooth master plugs with fit and wear lines which are used to monitor the wear of ring gauges during component manufacture. The ring gauge is ground to fit the master plug for original and subsequent ring gauges. This method of calibration provides on-site confidence that your gages are qualifying components correctly.

Full form go ring gauges are used to gauge major diameters, minor diameters, and tooth thickness.

We also offer phone support and on-site gear and spline training courses. We can visit your plant to troubleshoot gearbox design and manufacturing issues and design complete gear boxes and gauging methodology. Thread Check Inc. can provide gear and spline production measuring equipment as well as sourcing for gear and spline component parts.

Contact us to discuss your specific spline plug and ring gauge requirements.