Coating Thickness Gauges

Coating thickness gauges are used across many industries to determine the uniformity of a coating, such as paint and powder coatings. They are vital for many applications in the automotive industry and by other industrial goods manufacturers. Thread Check Inc. is proud to offer the complete line of PHASE II+ coating thickness gauges. There are many applications for PHASE II+ coating thickness gauges including non-destructive paint thickness measurement. PHASE II+ portable paint thickness meters are ideal for fast and accurate detection of a refinished surface to ensure the correct thickness of paint has been reapplied. These coating thickness gages have automatic substrate detection and provide a fast and accurate paint thickness measurement on vehicle body panels and other applicable products.

Coating Thickness Gages for Every Dry Film Application

There are several different types of coating thickness gages, whose use depends on the environment under which testing is carried out. Destructive coating digital thickness gauges actually cut the surface the paint or film has adhered to. Non-destructive coating thickness gages have digital readouts and provide readings on either magnetic surfaces such as steel, or non-magnetic surfaces such as stainless steel or aluminum. These coating thickness gauges utilize a wide range of probes and calibration foils to suit most dry film applications.

When your application requires efficiency and accuracy, contact Thread Check for a complete selection of quality coating thickness gauges. Thread Check’s expert sales engineers can assist you in selecting the right coating thickness gage to meet your requirements Please contact us at 800 767 7633 or We look forward to assisting you.