Class ZZ Pin Gage Library Sets

Make quick and accurate measurements with Vermont Brand Class ZZ Pin Gage Library Sets. These sets allow accurate hole size measurements, and can also be used to calculate the distance between holes. The library sets contain a wide range of sizes which can also enable users to gage slot widths.  These economical pin gages with .0002" tolerance provide added wear life that can be superior to closer tolerance gages for many applications. Class ZZ Pin Gage sets are available in ranges from .006" to 1.0005" / .20mm - 25.49mm. Class ZZ Pin Gage library sets are available in metric and inch. Class ZZ library sets are supplied in storage draws and marked with size for conveniently selecting the correct pin gage. Class ZZ pin gages are available in either plus or minus tolerancing. They are supplied in .001" or .02mm size increments. The tool steel is hardened to 60/62 Rc. All pin gages are 2.0" in length and have a 10-micro inch surface finish or better. All pin gages over .060" inches are marked with size and direction of tolerance.

All Pin Gage Library Sets are shipped by freight carrier.

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Quality Vermont Gage Class ZZ Pin Gage Library Sets

Most products in Thread Check’s catalog have been made in the United States from the highest quality materials and to meet or exceed all applicable gaging and product standards.. This includes our selection of Class ZZ Pin Gage library sets. Our additional services include providing custom gauges, should you require a special modification. Expedited services are also available for many of custom products and service.

Thread Check’s sales and engineering staff are pleased to assist with any gauging or measurement questions relative to thread dimensions, gage tolerances, and gage application. Thread Check also provides ISO 17025-standard calibration at our Registered Metrology facility. We perform calibration services on snap gages, fixed-limit gages, chrome plug gages, metric thread gages, and many other mechanical and electronic measuring and test instruments.. For any of our services, please contact us at (800) 767-7633 or fill out our form.

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