Class Z Pin Gage Sets - Metric

Thread Check Inc offers American made Meyer Metric Class Z Pin Gage Sets. Meyer makes a wide selection of Metric gage pin sets. If they don’t make it you probably don’t need it! These sets have all the features of the English sets, but provide the finer increments in size that you just can’t get by converting English to Metric.


All gages and sets are traceable to N.I.S.T.
Boxes and gages both marked
Size and serial number laser etched on each piece (M‐O not etched)
Material: 52100 Bearing Steel
No sharp edges
51mm overall length
All sets in .02mm increments
Hardness of 60‐62 with .0025mm


Checking locations
Measuring hole sizes and depth
GO & NO/GO gaging
Setting micrometers
Checking distances between holes

SKU Description Range Plus/Minus Qty of Pins Weight (lbs.) Each
M7MMM M7MMM Class Z Metric Pin Gage Set 22.06-23.72MINUS8437
M7MMP M7MMP Class Z Metric Pin Gage Set 22.06-23.72PLUS8437
M81MMM M81MMM Class Z Metric Pin Gage Set 23.75-25.41MINUS8441
M81MMP M81MMP Class Z Metric Pin Gage Set 23.75-25.41PLUS8441
M8MMM M8MMM Class Z Metric Pin Gage Set 23.74-25.40MINUS8441
M8MMP M8MMP Class Z Metric Pin Gage Set 23.74-25.40PLUS8441
Set Descending Direction
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