API Rotary Shouldered Gages

Thread Check Inc. is proud to be an authorized distributor of Gagemaker measuring Instruments. Gagemaker has over 25 years of experience in the inspection and Quality Control of all threads used by the oilfield. Rotary shouldered connections are key components for the oilfield industry. The Rotary Shoulder Connections require special attention to key thread elements to qualify the thread correctly. For many decades the oilfield industry has been relying on hardened and ground thread ring and thread plug gages to inspect and qualify Rotary Shoulder Connection threads. Thread ring and thread plug gages may have inherent problems in that they can be subjective regarding fit and size of the product thread. Thread Plug and Thread Ring Gages can wear or be set incorrectly to masters so they may provide false readings. This type of gauging can only provide a pass or fail test. They cannot provide variable dimensional thread measurements.

Gagemaker’s innovative Joint Strength System (JSS) eliminates the need for thread ring and thread plug gages. This gauging system will inspect any API thread and verify the accuracy to API specification dimensions and tolerances.

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