Small Diameter Internal Functional Size - Pitch Diameter Gages

Small Diameter Internal Functional Size/Pitch Diameter Inspection – (⅝” (.625″) to 1½” (1.500″) Diameters)

Thread Check Inc. offers a Gagemaker solution for smaller internal thread diameters.

Pitch diameter and functional size inspections are critical for every threaded connection. This can be especially true in smaller diameters, but these smaller diameters require a unique gage design to perform the proper inspections.

The Gagemaker SPG-6000 Series of thread inspection gages measures internal functional size and pitch diameter of thread diameters between .625″ and 1.500″. The SPG-6000 Series of gages is used primarily on ANSI and ISO standard straight thread forms. The SPG-6000 can be equipped with either thread rolls or contact points to measure ACME, Stub Acme, Stub ACME Modified-1 & -2, Metric, MJ, UN, UNJ, & UNR Series of threads. The SPG-6000 Series is ideal for threads with special P.D.s or pre-plate requirements. Contact points are used to measure pitch diameter while thread rolls are used to measure functional thread size.

Pitch diameter inspection requires the addition of contact point arms to hold the contact points. Contact point arms are sold in sets of two. Gagemaker standard contact point arms require straight shank contact points. Contact point arms designed for threaded shank contact points are available at additional cost.

For thread functional size inspection, thread rolls attach directly to the gage. 

The SPG-6000 can be set using our MIC TRAC™ gage setting systems, rod standards, calipers, gauge blocks, or micrometers. For best results, Gagemaker recommends our MIC TRAC™gage setting systems or rod standards. For gage setting dimensions regardless of setting method or selecting additional contact points, our helpful, easy-to-use TDWIN™thread engineering software program may be required.

Contact points, contact point arm sets, thread roll sets, gage setting devices, and software are all sold separately

Thread Check has a team of technical experts that are ready to help you with all your gauging and measurement requirements. Contact us via email at or call us at 800 767 7633

SKU Description Range Indicator Travel Indicator Resolution Each
SPG-6000 Gagemaker - Small Diameter Internal Pitch Diameter - Functional Size Gage, 1" reach 5/8" - 1 1/2"(15.9 mm - 38.1 mm)1/2".0005"
SPG-6000-1 Gagemaker - Small Diameter Internal Pitch Diameter - Functional Size Gage, 1" reach, with high resolution indicator 5/8" - 1 1/2"(15.9 mm - 38.1 mm)1/2".0001"
SPG-6000-M Gagemaker - Small Diameter Internal Pitch Diameter - Functional Size Gage, 1" reach, with metric indicator 5/8" - 1 1/2"(15.9 mm - 38.1 mm)10 mm.01 mm
SPG-SCREWS Gagemaker - Replacement button head cap screws (#6-32 x ")and washers (.300" x .150" x.025") for contact point arms and Thread Rollsl N/AN/AN/A
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