Set To Number For Barcor Chamfer Gages

The Set To number is merely the "starting point" that the gage begins to measure from. Hence, it could be anything. At the 
Barcor factory we grind a .020" flat, square to the axis of the gage, for 1" gages. Here is how you can determine the Set 
To number yourself. 

1. Use a known standard or qualified part. Mark down its value.

2. Take a reading of the standard or qualified part with the gage having the missing Set 
To number and adjust the bezel to exactly read the value.

3. Press the gage against any flat ground surface.

4. The reading is the Set To number.

5. If you do not have a standard or qualified part, take a piece of steel, drill and ream a convenient known size hole and 
Do not break corners. Use this as a qualified part. Follow the above steps.

6. Alternatively order a master ring gage of a specified size with a sharp edge(no break).

7. If you cannot do any of the above, send the gages in. For Mechanical gages the cost is $95.00 /gage, to clean, adjust, 
recalibrate and derive a new Set To number.

Contact Thread Check Inc. with any questions regarding the use or setting of the Barcor Chamfer Gage.

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