Rotor Major Diameter Gages (Minor MICs)

Gagemaker’s minor diameter micrometer (MIC) gage was designed to measure a rotor’s minor diameter. The spiral lobes on the rotor produce a valley, or minor diameter. The depth of the minor diameter from the major diameter requires a 1” travel indicator stem. Gage range is 0” – 6”, which allows measuring most rotor sizes with only one gage. Ensuring the gage’s durability and long life, Gagemaker’s design uses a heavy duty indicator stem and bearing housing to withstand side loads. Special sizes are available.

SKU Description Range Indicator Travel Each
MM-0-6 Gagemaker - Rotor Minor Diameter Micrometer - 0 - 6"(0 - 152.4 mm) 0 - 6"(0 - 152.4 mm)1"
MM-0-3 Gagemaker - Rotor Minor Diameter Micrometer - 0 - 3"(0 - 76.2 mm) 0 - 3"(0 - 76.2 mm)1"
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