External Pitch Diameter Gages

The ball pitch diameter gages indicate the pitch diameter size of the product’s external thread. The gages are adjustable within a size range and use interchangeable contact points to measure different pitch threads. Gages are shipped with two 0.144″ diameter contact points (T144) as standard, but other points may be substituted. Gages require setting with a standard or on a MIC TRAC™. Software, standards (see below), and additional contact points are sold separately.

SKU Description Range Indicator Travel Indicator Resolution Each
PD-8002-RSC Gagemaker - External Pitch Diameter for Tapered Threads - 6" - 12" (152.4 mm - 304.8 mm) 6" - 12" (152.4 mm - 304.8 mm).500"Digital
PD-8001-RSC Gagemaker - External Pitch Diameter for Tapered Threads - 0 - 6" (0 mm - 152.4 mm) 0 - 6" (0 mm - 152.4 mm).500"Digital
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