MRP Gage Shoes & Accessories

Gagemaker offers both rod style setting standard and frame style setting standards which can be used to preset the MRP® Crest Diameter Gage.

Thread Check has a team of technical experts that are ready to help you with all your gauging and measurement requirements. Contact us via email at or call us at 800 767 7633

SKU Description Length Part Type Gage Each
MRP-.875 Gagemaker - Thread Shoe, 7/8" long .875"ShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-2.25 Gagemaker - Thread Shoe, 2.25" long 2.250"ShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-1.50 Gagemaker - Thread Shoe, 1.50" long 1.500"ShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-1.00 Gagemaker - Thread Shoe, 1.00" long 1.000"ShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-GSS Gagemaker - MRP(r) gage setting stand N/ASetting StandAll MRP(r) models
MRP-20mm Gagemaker - Metric Thread Shoe, 20 mm long 20 mmShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-.625I Gagemaker - Internal Thread Shoe, 5/8" long .625"ShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-.625E Gagemaker - External Thread Shoe, 5/8" long .625"ShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-.750 Gagemaker - External Thread Shoe, 3/4" long .750"ShoeAll MRP(r) models
MRP-.500E Gagemaker - External Thread Shoe, 1/2" long for MRP-202 .500"ShoeMRP-202
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