Mitutoyo - Individual Square Gage Blocks - Inch

Precision Gage Blocks are widely available in sets in various sizes. The nominal gage lengths of blocks are mathematically determined so that specific desired lengths can be obtained by combining selected blocks. Several tolerance grades are available per ASME B89.1.9‐2002 ( USA ). They are made to several different tolerance grades categorized as Master Blocks, Calibration Blocks, Inspection Blocks, and Workshop Blocks.

Master or Reference Blocks are used as basic reference standard
Calibration Blocks are used for calibrating inspection blocks and high precision gauging work. Grade
Inspection blocks are used as standards and for comparative gauging.
Workshop blocks are uses as gauges on the shop floor for a variety of direct measurement precision application.

Thread Check Inc offers an extensive selection of Mitutoyo gage blocks in various grades in a choice of rectangular or square, metric or inch, and steel or CERA ( ceramic ) types. Contact a Thread Check sales engineer for assistance with your requirements.

Wringing is the method of placing two gage blocks together. Wringing is accomplished by placing one block crosswise from another and then swiveling it parallel with pressure which causes the two blocks to adhere to each other creating a new length from the combined two sizes. Multiple gage blocks can be combined using this wringing process. It is best to use the least amount of gage blocks to achieve a desired length.

SKU Description Size Material Each
614320-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.020" 0.020"Steel
614106-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.060" 0.060"Steel
614191-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.100" 0.100"Steel
614166-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.126" 0.126"Steel
614180-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.140" 0.140"Steel
614212-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.25" 0.25"Steel
614193-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.30" 0.30"Steel
614213-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.35" 0.35"Steel
614199-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 0.90" 0.90"Steel
614201-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 1.0" 1.0"Steel
614205-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 5.0" 5.0"Steel
614206-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 6.0" 6.0"Steel
614208-541PRO Square Gage Block - Steel - 8.0" 8.0"Steel
616183-541PRO Square Gage Block - Ceramic - 0.143" 0.143"Ceramic
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Additional Info

  • AS-1 gage blocks are intended for shop floor use to set and calibrate precision instruments, gages and fixtures.
  • Steel gage blocks are made of high carbon high chrome steel to sufficiently satisfy a variety of material characteristics required for gage blocks.
  • CERA Blocks made of ceramic materials with superior surface quality were developed by Mitutoyo's ultra precision machining techniques to solve all problems inherent in steel gage blocks
  • A certificate of inspection is furnished with all Mitutoyo gage blocks with a serial number on the case and an identification number on each block. The deviation of each block is registered. For this inspection each gage block is measured relative to the upper level master using a gage block comparator.
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