Metric Thread Plug Gages - Taperlock Design - Chrome

Thread Check, Inc. offers a complete line of AGD ‐ American Gage Design, metric series working taperlock thread plug gages. The taperlock thread plug gage style allows for a quick and convenient replacement of the gage member into an existing handle. A worn gage member can be simply removed and a new replacement inserted into the handle. Thread Check’s taperlock thread plug gages are manufactured per ANSI/ASME B1.16M. Thread Check, Inc. taperlock thread plug gages are manufactured to an X tolerance in class 6H. Taperlock thread plug gages are available in M, MJ and specials. All standard taperlock thread plug gages are stocked in hard chrome coating which extends the wear life of the gage by more than a 100% thus providing dramatic savings in replacement costs. All Thread Check, Inc. gages are manufactured to the high end of the tolerance to ensure longer gage life. Thread Check, Inc. manufactures taperlock thread plug gages in carbide, ceramic and other types of specialty steels. Thread Check manufactures many types of special gages including pre‐plates, multiple starts, special leads, acme threads, buttress threads, square threads, extra length thread gages, and custom gages to print. All thread plug gages are traceable to N.I.S.T.

SKU Description Size (MM) Coarse Fine Pitch Diameter Each
M39x3.0-TPG-GO M39 x 3.0 6H Go Taperlock Plug M39N/A337.051mm
M39x3.0-TPG-NGO M39 x 3.0 6H NoGo Taperlock Plug M39N/A337.316mm
M39x3.0-TPG-D/E M39 x 3.0 6H Go/NoGo Taperlock Thread Plug Gage w/handle M39N/A337.051mm - 37.316mm
M39x4.0-TPG-GO M39 x 4.0 6H Go Taperlock Plug M394.0N/A36.402mm
M39x4.0-TPG-NGO M39 x 4.0 6H NoGo Taperlock Plug M394.0N/A36.702mm
M39x4.0-TPG-D/E M39 x 4.0 6H Go/NoGo Taperlock Thread Plug Gage w/handle M394.0N/A36.402mm - 36.702mm
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Additional Info

Long Form Calibration - add $15.00 per gage member.
Thread Check, Inc. metric thread gages conform to ANSI/ASME B1.16M gage standard and/or H28
handbook. Special gages including preplates, multiple lead, extra length, etc. are priced on request.

Chrome Plated

Thread Check, Inc. provides Chrome Plating on standard stock thread working plug gages at no additional charge. Chrome Plating extends the wear life by more than 100%, which provides dramatic savings on replacement costs

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