Internal Deep Bore Internal Functional Size Gages

Thread Check Inc. offers the Gagemaker Deep Bore DPG-6000 thread functional size inspection instrument for bores as deep as 24 inches. 

Functional thread gauging inspects the cumulative effects of the thread elements including diameter, lead, taper, flank angle and form error. Gagemaker's DPG-6000 Deep Bore functional inspection gages provide the same functionality of thread plugs with the added benefits of accurately measuring thread size within wide range of diameter and thread pitch sizes.

The DPG-6000 is available with diameter extension arms from 3.00 inches up to 9.100" inches and handle extension assemblies that can reach down to 24 inches. They use interchangeable thread rolls to measure different pitch threads including 60° unified, metric, Acme, Stub Acme, Buttress, trapezoid and specials. 

The Gagemaker DPG-6000 thread functional size inspection instrument is accurate, versatile, and economical.

Master Gages are not required. The DPG-6000 thread measuring instrument can be set with gage blocks, rod standards or other types of setting equipment including the MIC TRAC Gage Setting System (MT-3000). Setting dimensions for the functional pitch diameter gages are provided by the TDWIN Thread Disk software. 

Thread Check has a team of technical experts that are ready to help you with all your gauging and measurement requirements. Contact us via email at or call us at 800 767 7633

All thread rolls are sold as sets separately. 

SKU Description Reach Pitches Diameters Each
DPG-6500 Gagemaker - Deep bore internal functional size thread roll gage. Includes DPG-A1 Extension Arm. 12" (304.8 mm)4 Pitch and finer2.970" - 4.400"(75.4 mm - 111.76 mm)
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