Indicator Style Stator Bore Inspection Gages

Drilling faster without stalls is critical to any drilling operation. The demands placed on the drilling motor to achieve optimum performance require the proper fit between the rotor and the stator in the power section. Gagemaker’s Power Section Gages ensure this fit meets these specifications.

SBG-3000 with shoes and laptop

With Gagemaker’s Stator Bore Diameter Gages, Rotor Major Diameter Gages, and Rotor Minor Diameter Gages, you are armed to maintain the quality of the power section you produce. With this arsenal of inspection gages, there’s not a motor or pump out there that can’t be inspected.

Each of Gagemaker’s electronic Stator Bore Gages provides data collection and data storage options of bore measurements.  The gage is supplied with a notebook computer which provides the ability to enter a serial number and store inspection data as a file for future reference.  The data can also be ported through a wireless link to a central computer for further processing.

Durable, accurate, easy to use, the Gagemaker Stator Bore Gages ensure your quality levels remains at the highest level possible.

The SBG series of gages determines a precise stator/rotor match by measuring the variation in bore diameters. Attaching or removing different height extension shoes provides the gage a range of diameter flexibility. The gages address any pitch or lobe configuration.

Left: SBG-5000E Right: SBG-5000A

The SBG-3000 measures the minor diameter at each lobe in the range from .950” to 1.875” and up to 7.500” with additional measurement shoes. A floating roller traverses the lobe crest as the gage is moved through the bore capturing each minor peak. The data is transmitted through Bluetooth communication to the computer as it is detected. The readings may be paused and repeated as desired. The gage has .050” of travel and requires measurement shoes sized close to the minor diameter of the stator. Crescent style shoes are available for a specific diameter between the range .950″(24.13 mm) to 1.875″(47.625 mm), while modular style shoes are available for a range of 1.875″(24.13 mm) to 7.500″(190.5 mm). A specific diameter setting ring is also required for each measurement shoe purchased.

The SBG-5000E measures diameters from 1.500” – 2.000”. Additional shoes are available for inspecting diameters larger than 2.000” and up to 7.500”. The SBG-5000E includes three extension shoes, an interface box, a computer, measurement software, cables, and setting standard base (standard not included).

SKU Description Range Indicator Type Each
SBG-5000D Gagemaker - Stator Bore Gage with digital indicator & SB-2100, SB-2110, and SB-2120 extension shoes 1.500" - 2.000"(38.1 mm - 50.8 mm)Digital
SBG-5000A Gagemaker - Stator Bore Gage with analog indicator & SB-2100, SB-2110, and SB-2120 extension shoes 1.500" - 2.000"(38.1 mm - 50.8 mm)Analog
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