Inch Feeler Gage Sets

Thread Check Inc offers a broad selection of inch feeler gage sets to accommodate your applications requirements. Thread Check’s expansive inventory form Eastern Industries includes inch feeler gauging sets that range from 20-blades to 35-blades and can measure the thickness of objects between .0015” and 35”. We invite you to contact our knowledgeable staff at Thread Check with any questions or requirements you may have regarding inch feeler gauge sets.

Based on individual requirements our sales engineers may recommend Eastern Industries’ Inch Feeler Gauge Set - Style FG - 20 Blades, Ľ”W - 6”L. This set features 20 blades, and a metal holder to protect the blades when not in use. The blades may be fanned out for easy selection, and the unused feeler gauges quickly returned to the holder. The selected blade can be tightened in a working position by a screw and locknut. Each blade is permanently marked for easy identification. Additional inch feeler gauge sets are available with 22, 25, 26, or 35-blades, and in varying lengths from ˝” to 24”-long. 

Thread Check Sells Eastern Industries’ Inch Feeler Gauge Sets

Contact Thread Check Inc. for expert sales and support for all your gaging product requirements. In addition to providing assistance for inch feeler gage sets and other gaging products, Thread Check’s sales and engineering staff are pleased to assist with any gauging or measurement questions relative to thread dimensions, gage tolerances, gage usage, and technical support.

In addition, Thread Check also provides ISO 17025-standard calibration at our Registered Metrology facility. We perform calibration services on service snap gages, fixed-limit gages, chrome plug gages, metric thread gages, measuring instruments and test equipment.. For any of our services, including inquiries regarding our selection of inch feeler gauge sets, please contact us at (800) 767-7633 or fill out our form.

PLEASE NOTE: Feeler Gauge (Eastern Industries) products have a $50.00 minimum total order.