Depth Gage Accessories

Thread Check Inc. offers the Gagemaker-DG-1000-onPartOur digital depth gage for inspecting the location of internal and external shoulder and grooves from the face of pin and box connections or other datum surfaces. The DG-1000 Series is available with the standard base, a 12″ base, and a 20″ base. These gages are available in ranges: 0 – 8”, 0 – 12″, 0 – 18″, and 0 – 24″.

The Gagemaker standard gage (DG-1000 Series) is supplied with a 7” extension arm and a 0° and 45° contact point holder for use with any #4-48 threaded contact point (one .072″ contact point (T072) supplied unless otherwise requested). Longer extension arms and other contact point configurations and adapters are available upon request. The 12″ (DG-1200 Series) and 20″ (DG-2000 Series) gages include one double sided blade contact instead of a contact point and a contact point holder.

Gagemaker Digital depth gages do not require setting standards. The gage is preset to zero on any flat surface and then applied to the product. The actual length measurements display on the gage’s digital readout.


Inspect internal an external shoulder and groove locations.
Uses an interchangeable contact point or blade that can service many different applications.
Inch/metric conversion with digital readout
Digital readout with .0005″/.01 mm resolution and SPC Output

Thread Check has a team of technical experts that are ready to help you with all your gauging and measurement requirements. Contact us via email at or call us at 800 767 7633

SKU Description Range Type Each
DG-P45-1824 Gagemaker - 45deg Contact Point Holder for DG-1008 and DG-1012 8" & 12"Point Holder
DG-GV-812 Gagemaker - Groove Locator - .100" thick for DG-1008 and DG-1012 8" & 12"Groove Locator
DG-DSB-1824 Gagemaker - Double Sided Blade Contact for 18 and 24 inch range DG-1200/2000 18" & 24"Double Sided Blade Contact
DG-DSB-812 Gagemaker - Double Sided Blade Contact for 8 and 12 inch range DG-1200/2000 8" & 12"Double Sided Blade Contact
DG-B-1824 Gagemaker - Blade Contact for 18 and 24 inch ranges for DG-1200/2000 18" & 24"Blade Contact
DG-B-812 Gagemaker - Blade Contact for 8 and 12 inch ranges for DG-1200/2000 8" & 12"Blade Contact
DG-1000-BPA Gagemaker - DG-1000 Series Base Plate Assembly -Base Plate Assembly
DG-1000-R36 Gagemaker - 36" Stabilizer/Extension Arm -Extension Arm/Stabilizer
DG-1000-R24 Gagemaker - 24" Extension Arm -Extension Arm
DG-1000-R16 Gagemaker - 16" Extension Arm -Extension Arm
DG-1000-R7 Gagemaker - 7" Extension Arm -Extension Arm
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