Cylindrical Ring Gages - Steel - Inches

Thread Check Inc. offers a full range of plain steel cylindrical ring gages in inch sizes that are designed to be used for go/no go gaging and as masters. Plain steel cylindrical ring gauges are optimal for inspecting the outside diameters of manufactured parts. With minimum and maximum sized plain steel cylindrical ring gages, an inspector can quickly and accurately pass or fail parts without taking time consuming readings from a measuring instrument. The procedure is commonly known as go and no go gauging or fixed limit gauging. Go ring gauges are built with a minus tolerance. No go gages are built with a plus tolerance. The go gage is used to verify the high limit. The no go gage is used to verify the lower limit. Fixed limit gages such as plain steel cylindrical ring gauges are made to match the maximum and minimum material condition of the part. The plain steel cylindrical ring gage is typically a three dimensional replica of the mating part. This system of gage tolerancing ensures that an inspector will never allow bad parts to be accepted. Inspection using fixed limit go and no go plain cylindrical gages requires only basic training. The inspector need only verify whether the gage is fitting over the outside diameter of their part.

Plain steel cylindrical gages are also used for mastering measuring instruments. Plain steel cylindrical gauges are used to set electronic bore gages, air gages, internal micrometers and length measuring instruments. Setting or master gages are typically used to set a measuring instrument to a known value or zero position. By using the same size master gages, lead error on measurements can be eliminated.

Plain steel inch gauges are available in class XX thru class ZZ gagemaker tolerances. Class XXX tolerance gages are priced on request. All steel ring gages are lapped to precision size. Roundness and taper does not exceed 50% of the gagemakers tolerance. Thread Check can supply plain steel cylindrical ring gauges from .015" up to 28.00" in diameter. The no go plain steel cylindrical ring gage is distinguished from the go ring by an annular groove cut into the outside surface. Both steel ring gauges are also marked with size, type and gagemaker tolerance. The outside diameter of a plain steel cylindrical ring gage is knurled for easy handling and gripping. All plain steel cylindrical gauges are manufactured to ASME/ANSI B47.1 and ASME/ANSI B89.1.6. All ring gages made from tool steel are heat treated and hardened to Rc 58-62. Plain steel ring gages up to 1.510"are manufactured without a flanged outer diameter. For steel gauges larger than 1.510", the gages have a flanged diameter. The gage has less material on the outside of the diameter thus making it easier to handle and use by the inspector. Thread Check can also supply steel cylindrical gauges with special radiuses and chamfers to allow easy entry onto parts.

Thread Check’s expert sales engineers can assist you in selecting cylindrical ring gauges for your applications.