Custom Gauges

Thread Check Inc. has the capability to design and build custom gauges from concept to completion.

Custom gages can be engineered and built to qualify your special thread designs. Building thread gauges with special thread dimensions including modified leads, angles, pitch diameters and special lengths is our specialty. Thread Check Inc. offers custom thread ring gages, custom thread plug gauges, special concentricity gauges, custom flex plug gauges, and lead lock gauges.

Thread Check’s expert engineers can assist your engineering and design teams through the entire process of building custom gauges to assure your critical components assemble and function properly. Thread Check Inc. can build custom fixed limit Go and No Go thread gauges that check maximum and minimum material conditions and ensure the component parts are within the dimensions specified. Custom gauges built by Thread Check’s gauging engineers are guaranteed to precisely perform as designed.

We are proud to work with world leading companies to assist them in designing custom gages that meet their demanding specifications.

  • Special threaded Tapered Plug and Ring Gauges
  • Special Modified Thread Angles
  • Multiple Start Thread Gauges
  • Asymmetric Thread Gauges
  • Conical Thread Gauges
  • Acme Thread Gauges
  • Custom Profile Thread Gauges
  • Custom Extra Length Gauges
  • Thread Depth Control Gauges
  • Alternative materials including carbide, Tin, and ceramic
  • Pre-plate engineering for chrome, zinc, anodizing, and other plating processes.

Please submit a detailed part or gauge drawing in PDF format to

Thread Check Inc.
900 Marconi Ave
Ronkonkoma, New York 11779

Tel: 800 767 7633 · 631 231 1515
Fax: 631 231 1625

Sample Drawings

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