Tri-Roll Thread Comparator

  • System offers actual measurements of dimensional characteristics for quicker machine adjustments during thread production
  • Reduces gaging time over thread plug and ring gages
  • One single gage can be used for pre-plate, after-plate, class 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A eliminating the need for multiple fixed limit thread plug and ring gages
  • Ideal for user with Statistical Process Control - SPC.
  • Rigid construction and constant measuring pressure provides consistent and accurate readings
  • Quick setting with the use of a set master
  • Easy to setup

1. Base & Accessories

TR-BABase for Tri Roll Thread Comparator$45.00
TR-MMBMultiple Mounting Bar for Tri Roll Thread Comparator$50.00
TR-DFADual Fram Assembly for Tri Roll Thread Comparator$89.00
TR-HandleAluminum Handle for Hand Held Unit for Tri Roll Thread Comparator$56.00

2. Frames

3. Indicators

4. Stop Adjusting Tool

5. Gaging Rolls

6. Master Setting Plugs

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