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The Need for Air Gages

Air gaging is a proven inspection tool that allows for measurements to be made faster, more accurately and more conveniently than other gaging methods. In measuring tight tolerance holes, air gages are unsurpassed for speed and accuracy while for checking other dimensional features; air gauges offer sufficient magnification and reliability to measure tolerances well beyond the scope of mechanical and fixed limit gages.

Easy to Use Air Gauges

Production workers do not require special training to use air gages. No special techniques are required like with certain types of fixed limit gaging. It’s as simple as inserting the air plug in the hole and reading the meter.

Economical Air Gages

After purchasing the basic gage additional tooling can be purchased for a wide variety of jobs. Because of its adaptability, it is common for air gaging to become the primary measuring system in a quality control system.

Versatile Air Gauges

Air gages effectively measure a wide variety of dimensions and are particular suited to checking dimensional relationships. This includes taper, parallelism, squareness, straightness, and center distance. Match gaging, which permits the selection of mating parts for a specific amount of clearance or interference, is easily done with just one reading on one dial.

Air gaging is ideal for checking soft or highly polished material as it is a non-contact measurement. It is also ideal for thin walled or delicate material.

Small gage heads with remote meters provide air gauges with a distinct advantage in measuring multiple dimensions. Air gaging is often combined with electronic signaling to provide instant indication of part size.

Air gages can be adapted to measure parts in a machine. The small gage head allows an operator to make measurements while the part is still in the machine or fixture. The air also cleans the part’s measuring surface area of coolant, oil, and small chips.

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