Concentrity Gauges

Thread Check Inc. offers concentricity gauges that work with dial indicators or transducers and mounting centers to accurately inspect datum faces and diameters to the most demanding concentricity requirements. The outside diameter of the concentricity ring is ground concentric to the pitch circle diameter within .005mm.

We also offer phone support and on-site gear and spline training courses. We can visit your plant to troubleshoot gearbox design and manufacturing issues and design complete gear boxes and gauging methodology. Thread Check Inc. can provide gear and spline production measuring equipment as well as sourcing for gear and spline component parts

Contact us to discuss your specific spline concentricity requirements.

Concentricity Gauges

Splined Lock Up Concentricity Ring Gauge

The component is mounted on centres whilst the concentricity ring is clamped onto it. The outside diameter of the concentricity ring is concentric to the pitch circle diameter, hence with the aid of a runout checking device i.e. dial indicators or transducers, inspection of the component datum faces or diameters can be carried out.


Max. diameter 300mm
Min. diameter 10mm
Max. tooth length of component 300mm

Concentricity tolerance between outside diameter and spline pitch circle diameter is 0.005mm

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