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Choosing the Correct Air Plug Gage

There are two basic styles of Air Plug Gages. Through Hole Style and Blind Hole Style. Dimension B on the attached form refers to the dimension of the jet centerline to the nose of the air plug. The overall dimension is indicated by Dimension "A". If you are measuring a blind bore you must order a Blind Style air plug so the air escapement channels are designed to allow for air to escape the part, regardless of the depth of the bore. There is also an option for a Super Blind Plug which further reduces dimension B permitting checking closer to the counterbore, or the bottom of the part. If extra length is required and an extension or handle will not work, you can specify extra length in 1" increments. Non-Relieved style should only be specified for valve bores where obstructions like lands could make it difficult to remove the tool. You must also specify the dimensionair Model Number you are ordering the tooling for. It is always recommended to supply a part drawing with your inquiry.

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Choosing the Correct Air Ring Gage

Special care must be taken when selecting air ring gages. There are 5 basic styles of air ring gages. The 5 styles are centered jets, offset jets, shoulder type, countered bore type, and snout type. Air rings may be attached directly to the Dimensionair, or used with base and guide chutes that can only be provided at time of manufacture. It is always recommended to supply a part drawing with your inquiry.

Air Plug / Air Ring Fact Sheet

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