Carbon Steel Metric Feeler Coils – Style MFC – 7.62M Length

When the application calls for metric gauges to measure clearances, or shims to accurately set spacing, our true metric sizes get the job done without converting to inches. Our blades are made of the finest quality high carbon steel. This material provides stable accuracy and superior wear resistance. All material is permanently marked with the thickness for easy identification. Each package is also marked with the material type and thickness.

Metric feeler coils come 7.62 meters (25 ft) long and are clearly marked with thickness every 150mm (6"). Each coil is packaged in a clear reusable plastic container. Shaded sizes are made upon request and ship within 1‐3 days.

Note:Coils over 0.75mm thick do not have the size marked on the material except as a special order.

Coils .50 and up are made upon request and ship within 1‐3 days.

* Feeler Gauge (Eastern Industries) products have a $50.00 minimum per item.

.02mm Carbon Steel Metric Feeler Gauge