Bench Top Hardness Testers

Hardness testing is a form of materials testing that is widely used in structural, aerospace, automotive and other industries. Instruments known as hardness testers are used to determine quality control, failure analysis, and other material properties relative to the durability, strength, flexibility, and capabilities of various components including raw materials and finished goods.

Thread Check Inc. is proud to offer a complete line of PHASE II+ Bench Top Hardness Testers. PHASE II Bench hardness testers are available in digital and direct analog readouts. The PHASE II Bench Hardness Testers feature advanced design and are easy to operate. The 900-348 digital superficial Rockwell hardness tester and the sister model 900-365 digital Rockwell hardness tester can convert to Brinell, Vickers and other Rockwell hardness tester scales.

Reliable and Accurate Hardness Testers from Thread Check

Thread Check Inc. offers a full complement of accessories for hardness testers, including Rockwell hardness test blocks, Brinell hardness test blocks, Vickers hardness test blocks, leeb hardness test blocks, penetrators and anvils all traceable to NIST. All PHASE II+ bench top hardness tester models are engineered to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings.

Accurate, and efficient forms of testing are needed in reaction to heavy manufacturing demands, structural failures and the need to design sufficient material integrity into related products. Today’s sophisticated hardness testing equipment quickly, reliably, and with extreme precision, provides useful and property-critical information. For more information, to receive a quote, or to place an order, please contact Thread Check’s representatives at (800) 767-7633.