Cylindrical Gaging Products

Thread Check Inc. offers a complete line of plain cylindrical plug gages in steel, chrome, and carbide in gagemaker tolerances ranging from class ZZ to Class XXX tolerance. A variety of styles of cylindrical plug gages are provided to check inside diameter holes. Cylindrical ring gages are provided for gauging outside diameters on shafts. Master setting discs are used for setting comparators, snap gages and other precision gages. Hex plug gages are used to inspect machine head fasteners. Cylindrical taper plug gages are used to inspect tapered components on machines and various medical components including luer tapers. Snap gages are used as an efficient way to inspect outside diameters. Thread Check Inc. can manufacture custom cylindrical plug gauges to your exact specification. Thread Check’s sales engineers can assist you in selecting the correct plug gauges for your application.