Hex Plug Gages

Thread Check Inc. supplies a complete range of Hex Plug Gages per ANSI B18.3 and ANSI/ASME B107.17M. Hex plug gages per ASME B107.17M are used to inspect wrench opening and spark plug wrench opening for inch and metric sizes. Hex plug gages sizes range in inches covers 1/8 to 3.0” and 2.0mm to 75mm in metric. The standard covers hex plug gage designs and square gage designs. Hex plug Gages per ASME B18.3 covers dimensional data for various types of hexagon and spline socket cap screws, shoulder screws, set screws, and hexagon and spline keys recognized as the American Standard. Thread Check supplies ASME B18.3 hex plug gages in fractional sizes from .028” to 1.00” and metric sizes from .70mm to 24.00mm. Hex plug gages are manufactured from oil hardened tool steel with a minimum HRC of 60 HRC. Thread Check Inc. can also build custom hex plug gages per customer specifications.