A Millwright's Guide to Motor Pump Alignment


Former engineer declared that the author's first edition of A Millwright’s Guide to Motor Pump Alignment contained more alignment information than the sum total of all other works in the Library of Congress. This second edition is the result of over 38 years of hard work and many thousands of hours of writing and testing these proven alignment‐related formulas. The end result is a text that makes users' work far easier. It will also help them make a great deal of money! This volume is sure to be valuable to both novices and professionals.

In your hands, you are holding the most comprehensive volume on this subject ever written, bar none. This statement is supported by a former engineer who had been given the task of searching the Library of Congress for shaft alignment material concerning various motor and pumps requirements.

The creation of A Millwright’s Guide to Motor Pump Alignment, Second Edition has been a monumental undertaking from the outset and is the result of over 38 years and thousands of hours of tireless work.
It is written by a mechanic for mechanics in a mechanic's language. It provides an enormous wealth of information, common sense tips, and methods and formulas. It offers the "how‐to's" along with the drawings, the formulas, and mathematical examples that address the "who", "what", "when", "where", "why", and "how" in several dozen realistic incidents involving alignment work. This book features valuable hints, practical tips, comments, and cautionary notes throughout. This covers at least 99% of the field alignment problems encountered by most mechanics. And finally this guide will assist you in making many dollars whether you are an apprentice, journeyman, engineer, student, or instructor.

Please keep in mind that this book is only a tool. It can no more make the alignment for you on its own than the wrench with which you have unbolted the motor. But with A Millwright’s Guide to Motor Pump Alignment, Second Edition, after you have taken an accurate set of dial indicator readings and allowed for the pre‐determined sag factor, you won’t have to wait for "the bottom of the ninth" to get that grand slam win.

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