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ThreadTech v2.24 Software

A complete and accurate screw thread program for Windows™

ThreadTech ™ v2.24 software is a powerful thread engineering software program designed for engineers, quality assurance planners, and machinist to save time and eliminate human error. This comprehensive thread engineering software program takes the confusion out of thread manufacturing and inspection. ThreadTech eliminates time consuming computations and searches for specifications.

ThreadTech™ v2.24 Thread Engineering Software provides thread data on; pitch diameters, major diameters, gage data, part data, tap data, helix angles, product and gage tolerances, crest and root flats, wire sizes, constants, and just about anything on threads one needs to know

  • Uses latest government and industry specifications
  • 60 degree inch and metric threads
  • Acme, Pipe, STI, British & American buttress threads gages and ISO metric trapezoidal threads gages
  • British Pipe Gages and Parts per ISO 228 -1 and ISO 228-2 
  • British Tapered Pipe Gages and Parts per ISO 7-1 and ISO 7-2
  • Threads for thread plug gages, thread ring gages, and thread setting plug gauges
  • Default sizes to agree with specifications
  • All diameters, angles, roots, flats
  • Pitch diameters
  • Minor diameters
  • Helix Angles
  • Worm gearing calculations utilize Buckingham and Vogel Formulas (various included angles)
  • Gage Data
  • Part Data - internal and external threads
  • Tap Data for inch and metric
  • Product and gage tolerances
  • Crest and root flats
  • Wire sizes and constants
  • Measurement over wires data
  • Standard plating using max, min, or nominal
  • Anodize plating calculates penetration
  • HAE plating
  • Metric and inch equivalents for double dimensioning
  • Table and computed values
  • Length of engagement
  • Warning alerts and halts for geometrically impossible dimensions and plating thickness
  • DIN Part 3 and Part 9 Trapezoidal threads for parts, ring gages, caliper gages, and plug gages

ThreadTech™ v2.24 software complies with the latest revisions of the following standards:

  • Unified 60⁰ Threads Parts: ASME B1.1
  • Unified 60⁰ Threads Gages: ASME B1.2
  • Unified Inc Screw Threads – UNJ : ASME B1.15 / AS8879
  • Metric Threads Parts: ANSI/ASME B1.13M, MJ profile: ANSI B1.21M
  • Metric Threads Parts: ANSI/ASME B1.16M, MJ profile: ANSI B1.22M
  • Acme Screw Threads – general purpose and centralizing – ANSI/ASME B1.5
  • Pipe Threads: ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
  • ANPT Pipe Threads: AS-71051
  • Stub Acme Screw Threads: ASME/ANSI B1.8
  • Buttress Inch Screw Threads: ANSI B1.9
  • British Buttress Threads: BS1657: 1950 R98
  • British Pipe Threads – Parts per ISO 228-1
  • British Pipe Threads – Gages per ISO 228-2
  • British Tapered Pipe Threads – Parts per ISO 7-1
  • British Tapered Pipe Threads – Gages per ISO 7-2
  • DIN Part 3 and Part 9 Trapezoidal threads for parts, ring gages, caliper gages, and plug gages
  • ISO Metric Trapezoidal threads – British: BS5346: 1976
  • STI Thread Plug Gages: A-A-59158
  • Metric STI Thread Plug Gages: Helicoil Bulletin 870E

ThreadTech™ v2.24 Screw Thread Engineering Software uses formulas and rounding off techniques consistent with the latest ANSI and governmental specifications available.

ThreadTech™ v2.24 Screw Thread Engineering Software offers both table values and computed values. The program will alert the user if a dimension is inputted for plating thickness or size combination that is geometrically impossible or impractical. Metric 60° degree thread information is provided in both inches and millimeters to make double dimensioning for manufacturing and inspection easier. A powerful worm gearing program utilizes both Vogel and Buckingham formulas. Thread Tech even provides default data in cases where the applicable thread specifications do not agree with the calculated tables.

ThreadTech™ v2.24 Screw Thread Engineering Software has a powerful word processor that provides extensive editing, saving, and printing of the thread plug gages, thread ring gages, and thread setting plug gauges data. Information on several thread reports can be generated on the same screen for quick and easy comparison.

ThreadTech™ v2.24 Screw Thread Engineering Software was designed by a leading gage manufacturer, Osborn Products, Inc. and has been extensively tested to assure accuracy. Several leading gage manufacturers are currently using ThreadTech v2.24 Thread Engineering Software to produce thread gages for industries around the world.

Easy to use ThreadTech™  v2.24 installs easily in Windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7

Network compatible
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Thread Tech v2.23 End of support life cycle expires December 31st 2010

End of support refers to the date when Thread Check no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance for running and installing Thread Tech v2.23. All customers with version v2.21 to v2.23 are entitled to receive the latest upgrade version with proof of purchase and valid product code.


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