Workbook for Programming of CNC Machines


Workbook for Programming of CNC Machines is the perfect complement to Programming of CNC Machines, Third Edition. By offering no‐nonsense exercises that enable students to prove their competence in CNC programming, this workbook completes the learning cycle through evaluation. This manual (along with the companion text) can be used as a complete CNC training program or as a stand‐alone reference for any student or professional who needs to verify their understanding of CNC operation and programming.

This valuable workbook includes: over three dozen practical programming exercises that represent many operations performed on CNC Turning and Machining Centers; than 50 problems related to CNC Basics, including shop mathematics; numerous operation scenarios that consider situations often encountered; study questions to help users test and reinforce their knowledge; technical data and charts that provide useful information for needed CNC programming; an answer key at the end of the book to verify programming.