Welding Fabrication and Repair


This practical reference text provides valuable insights and tips for solving real‐world fabrication problems.  By presenting a broad range of methods of different welding specialties and a brief, clear understanding of the non‐welding knowledge nearly all welders must have to advance in their trade, Welding Fabrication and Repair can cut down the time needed to develop efficient problem‐solving skills.  This book is one of only a handful of truly "must have" welding references.

Welding Fabrication and Repair includes: a Q&A format, providing concise answers to each question; information on the capabilities of oxygen and exothermic lances, flame bending, flame straightening, line heating and panel shrinking, industrial threaded fasteners, specialized welding clamps, fixtures, welding platens, and cutting pyramids; detailed sections on common welding tools, equipment and accessories, along with a listing of the leading suppliers; welding and cutting tables including designs and advantages; solutions to common welding problems; a detailed checklist of considerations in designing products with welds; 300 original illustrations fully explain concepts, ideas and insights.

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