Welding Essentials, Second Edition


This succinct yet detailed introduction to makes welding easy for beginners and acts as a handy reference for professionals.  Its unique, wide‐ranging Q&A format allows readers to find answers to their questions with ease.  Welding Essentials addresses safety hazards and required precautions in detail, providing solutions to common problems for each process.  Additionally, this book carefully explains step‐by‐step setup and shutdown procedures, along with why equipment grounding and GFI's are needed and the way in which they work.

This incredible reference text includes: welding tip sizes for differing metal thickness, as well as proper pressure settings for those tips and how to determine what the size is as related the non‐standard numbering systems used by manufacturers; new and improved drawings; discussions on Carbon Arc Cutting with air, Plasma Arc Cutting and Laser Cutting; thorough information on the proper sizing of oxy‐fuel cutting tips and pressure charts, and bore drill sizes for the various tips; a thorough explanation of common welding elements; new information on the wire feeding process and more in‐depth information related to the use of the tungsten electrodes; friction stir welding process.