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  1. Pipefitters Handbook, Third Edition
    Pipefitters Handbook, Third Edition
    The pocket‐sized Pipefitters Handbook is a handy reference that contains thousands of facts and figures relevant to pipefitters, steamfitters and anyone else who is concerned with the layout and installation of pipe. This book provides answers to... More Info
  2. All-in-One Manual of Industrial Piping Practice and Maintenance
    All-in-One Manual of Industrial Piping Practice and Maintenance
    Books that detail the design of pipelines and equipment such as pumps and compressors are surely out there and available, but almost none cover the piping that carries fluid to and fro. This practical, no‐frills book offers comprehensive coverage of ... More Info
  3. Practical Welding Technology
    Practical Welding Technology
    Drawing from his 35 years experience as an instructor and technical writer in the field, the author offers instructors, students, and professionals with a great deal of valuable welding technology in this easily readable and wide‐ranging handbook.... More Info
  4. Automating The Welding Process
    Automating The Welding Process
    Automating the Welding Process allows readers to learn how world class manufacturers have achieved victory with automated welding and how welding automation can be an important step toward the prosperity of their craft and business.  This text has been... More Info
  5. Welding
    Welding, A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide will assist professionals with all manner of welding operations, while offering apprentices and industrial practitioners in‐depth instruction on the basic welding and cutting processes.  This ... More Info
  6. Pipe Welding Procedures, Second Edition
    Pipe Welding Procedures, Second Edition
    The new edition of Pipe Welding Procedures was created by drawing on the author’s extensive practical and teaching experience in the field. Here, he describes in detail the manipulating procedures used to weld pipe joints. The reader will find helpful... More Info
  7. Welding Fabrication and Repair
    Welding Fabrication and Repair
    This practical reference text provides valuable insights and tips for solving real‐world fabrication problems.  By presenting a broad range of methods of different welding specialties and a brief, clear understanding of the non‐welding... More Info
  8. Welding Essentials, Second Edition
    Welding Essentials, Second Edition
    This succinct yet detailed introduction to makes welding easy for beginners and acts as a handy reference for professionals.  Its unique, wide‐ranging Q&A format allows readers to find answers to their questions with ease.  Welding Essentials... More Info
  9. The Art of Welding
    The Art of Welding
    Unique and original, The Art of Welding improves upon the shortcomings of other titles by providing inclusive, in‐depth coverage of the equipment and techniques used in the most popular welding processes such as oxyacetylene, stick welding, MIG... More Info
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