ThreadTech™ v2.24 - Single User License

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Screw thread program for Windows™

Thank you for your decision to purchase ThreadTech for Windows™, a comprehensive thread engineering program designed specifically for engineers, quality assurance planners, and machinists.

ThreadTech™ Screw Thread Engineering Software provides thread data on; pitch diameters, major diameters, gage data, part data, tap data, helix angles, product and gage tolerances, crest and root flats, wire sizes, constants, and just about anything on threads one needs to know. The software uses formulas and rounding off techniques consistent with the latest ANSI/ASME and government specifications available.

ThreadTech™ can be installed in Windows XP™, VISTA™, Windows 7™ Windows 8™ and Windows 10™

Downloading this product is quick, easy, and eliminates shipping costs. A confirmation message will be emailed to you regarding your purchase. Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be processed. Once processing is complete, you will be emailed a 16‐digit key code that will allow you to activate the ThreadTech software for use.

Please note that downloads are not refundable.

ThreadTech™ v2.24 - Single User License