Thread Measuring Wires - Set No. 20 HS - 60° Inch Library Set - 20 Sizes - 6 TPI - 36 TPI

Thread Check, Inc. offers a complete range of certified 60° inch thread measuring wires. This complete library set includes 20 tpi sizes ranging from 6 to 36 tpi fitted in a wood case. All wire sets are supplied within .000020" of the best wire size. All thread measuring wires are calibrated within .000005" of the size provided on the label. Commonality of the 3 wires is with .0000050" and roundness within .000010". Thread measuring wires are supplied with a minimum hardness of Rc. 62.5. Thread measuring wires meet or exceed ANSI/ASME B1.2, B1.16M and ANSI/ASME and ASME B89.1.17‐2001. Thread Check Inc. can supply wires and technical support for many modified and special threads including trapezoidal threads and buttress threads. This set does not include 7 ½ and 22 tpi.